Wilton Decorating Basics #3

The decorating lessons are certainly getting more challenging. We learnt multiple complex techniques today that we need to exhibit on our finale cake next week.

Out of the 10+ piping techniques taught so far – Rosette is definitely my favourite.

[LEFT] The Ribbon Rose – Another compulsory technique that we need to use on the finale cake.
[RIGHT] I bought a tub of decorator icing (which is one of the best medium for roses) to practice. I plan to make dozens of white roses sometime this week to perfect the technique!

Cupcake decoration using various piping techniques–
[LEFT] The Shaggy Mum – I so love the messy hair look. 😛
[RIGHT] Rosette & Standup Leaf –  A classic design.

Look forward to my finale cake next week – I’m thinking of a black & white theme. 🙂

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10 Responses to Wilton Decorating Basics #3

  1. P says:

    Hi K!

    Woww….can you teach me how to pipe when I get back? I wanna learn how to make ribbon roses, too!

    Is the decorator icing of the same texture as marzipan and fondant?

    See you real soon,

  2. P says:

    Oh yes, and….SHAGGY MUM…..ROFL!

  3. K says:

    Hi P,

    Definitely. I’m sure you would like piping – It’s very addictive! 😛

    The icing texture is a little similar to fondant. Flowers require a stiff medium so that they can stand.

    And yes the Shaggy mum- the tip for this is soooo cute! I have to show you!

    Seeya very soon!!! 🙂


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  6. Wonderfully well done, different not sure I agree but happy I found this web page. I have just started to study in the England. My name, Anna is same in English and Czech. I am a little lonely so I am surfing the net; making cakes and doing Zumba classes to make new acquaintances in UK.

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