Snippets of [Shanghai]

3 (2)555
佳家汤包 – 佳家 is a very popular choice for this local snack.  The shop was fully packed at 3pm and most of the XLBs were sold out already (including the salted egg & pork XLB that I wanted to try). 😦

We settled for the crab & pork XLB – They tasted awesome and pretty much on par with DTF. That’s a huge compliment coming from the #1 DTF fan. 🙂 I also liked the duck blood soup  – a childhood favourite to order at the yong tou foo stall.

红宝石 – Cotton soft, fluffy cakes with really fresh cream. THUMBS UP.

尧尧蟹王 – This is the jolly season for hairy crabs! We picked a crab of each gender so that we get the best out of both worlds. 🙂 I like the female crab better – The roe was creamy and sweet. The accompanying dip (vinegar with ginger bits and sugar) brought out the freshness of the crab very well.

The mala snails turned out to be a fantastic decision. I decided that I like anything “mala”. Maybe, a trip to Sichuan next? 😛

Jean-Georges – Located at three on the Bund with a fantastic view of 外滩. We had the signature brunch set. Every item was exceptionally well executed – My personal fave was the smoked salmon on baked potatoes slices topped with a mini sunny side up! The brunch was served with a variety of quality bread, pastries, fresh juice & tea.

5 (2)7
小杨生煎 – Do you know that pan fried dumplings can be juicer than soup dumplings? 小杨 made it possible! These dumplings were so addictive that we went back nth times over the weekend. 🙂  

这次上海之旅超感动的 – 和好友品尝飙泪美食, 疯狂逛H&M, “nth” 次泡吧矢败, 半夜聊生活, “投资” Starbucks, 陪好友疗伤, 体验当地的文化……我想我爱上上海了. 🙂

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