Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh + Cake Over Heels

A BKT shop and a chic patisserie just sound so weird together but there’s a good reason for this…..they are located side by side in Mid View City. 🙂

Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh

The new branch in Mid View City is managed by the son of the founder of Rong Cheng BKT. The new place is huge and breezy.

FROM LEFT, CLOCKWISE – Salted Vegetable, Braised Intestines, Braised Pig Trotters, Pig Kidney Soup and Bak Kut Teh.

The outstanding dishes out of the lot were the BKT and braised pig trotters. The other dishes failed to impress – the intestines tasted overly powdery and the kidneys were sliced too thin.

Long Ku Bak Kut Teh –  Rong Cheng nailed this. This is a great bowl of BKT. Two meaty and tender long ku in a clean tasting broth. It would be perfect if this was served piping hot vs. the lukewarm bowl we received.

I like the tea here too – the shui xian tea we had was really fragrant.

Overall – Rong Cheng serves good BKT but i would give the side dishes a miss the next time.

Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh
Tel: +65 96681412
Opening Hours: 7am to 9pm, daily
Add: Blk 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-114/117, Mid View City Singapore 573971
Spent: $15 per pax

Cake Over Heels

We wanted dessert & coffee after BKT and what could be more convenient than going to the cafe located right beside Rong Cheng.

Earl Grey Strawberry Shortcake & Latte – This is the signature cake and it tasted like one too. 🙂 The latte was from a Nespresso machine.

Overall – Cake Over Heels is an interesting find in Mid View City. It’s worth a visit if you are in the vicinity.

Cake Over Heels
Tel: +65 66592848
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun: 10:00 – 19:00
Add: 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-115 Midview City
Spent: $9 per pax

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1 Response to Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh + Cake Over Heels

  1. P says:

    Hey K!

    I was about to ask you to try out cake over heals with me! This shop is opened by an LCB alumni….but he is no ordinary student – he has won competitions and even baked for the Canadian PM on his request!

    Tell me more about the shop when we meet f2f 🙂


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