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4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jo says:

    Love your detailed writeup! Am planning a visit to HCMC and intend to book a stay at the Intercont 🙂 Can I check with you, does the hotel provide shuttle bus services, and to what locations and at approximately what timeslots? Thanks!

    • P says:

      Hi Jo!

      From experience, the hotel does not provide complimentary shuttle bus services. However, the location is very conveniently located at the heart of the city – near all the tourist attractions 🙂
      You may also like to know that taxi service is readily available and very affordable in HCMC.

      Let me know if you need more details!


  2. Renna Halim says:

    sorry been interrupted in every comments.

    if you don’t mind, would give more extra details on every lessons or tips to get more better in every dishes? and also how to get the finished dishes on the right times because I always have a lot lot trouble in time (deadline), so sadly >__<

    thank you ^^
    keep inspired, Xo

    • P says:

      Hi Renna,

      I try to give details, if possible 🙂 But as you see…I hardly have time to update promptly because of my concurrent studies of Pastry + Cuisine.
      Timing is definitely not my strength at this moment but I am trying. At the start of intermediate cuisine, I was having so much trouble serving on time, too.

      The key to working fast:

      1) Good workflow – a good workflow is vital to get the work done in the shortest time
      2) Experience – you need the experience/practice in order to mise en place (ie. chop) fast. The ‘10,000-hour rule’ definitely applies.
      3) Confidence – feeling confident and being able to already visualize a successful end product certainly helps

      Hope this helps!


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