Wilton Decorating Basics #2

HOME-MADE BUTTERCREAM – Our homework for the week. I made buttercream and at the same time buttercream-ed the entire kitchen. 🙂

We practised icing (Or masking according to P) a cake with the buttercream. It is  definitely not as easy as it looks – We took a good 20 minutes to complete that.

One of the new techniques we learnt in class today is pattern transfer. The concept basically works the same as “tracing before drawing”.  Put a piece of parchment paper on top of your design (see photo on the left) and start tracing using piping gel.

Next, flip the patchment paper and “paste” it onto the cake then lift off the paper. The design is thus “transferred” onto the cake. AWESOME.

Anyway, it’s cupcakes decorating next week – wheee. 🙂

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