Treats from Japan #3

Meiji Rich Strawberry Bar
Another seasonal offering from Meiji. The mini bars of strawberry chocolate tasted very fruity – apparently the product contained 70% of real strawberries. AMAZING.

Tokyo Banana Gaufrette
Okay, I found my new favourite Tokyo Banana product (Sorry Tokyo banana cake)! This underrated product tasted so good. The waffles were crispy and the fillings – light and fragrant!

Cheesecake Kit Kat
I like anything ‘cheesecake’ so this is a winner for me. People with a sweet tooth should probably stick to the conventional chocolate kit kat.

Pork Broth Instant Ramen
This is the best buy in Narita airport. I was initially sceptical that this can taste anything close to the real deal but…. I was wrong. I actually like this way better than Ajisan!

So what’s in the ramen box?
[LEFT] Ramen – Tasted really fresh and springy after 3 mins in boiling water
[RIGHT] Pork broth concentrate and pickles

I added some grilled chicken and a tamago. Tadahhh – Love it!

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