[Sydney] Capital Grill – Capital G…for Good!

The past month was potentially the month of my life that I ‘ate-in’ the most. Mainly due to a combination of having too much food at home (packed from school) + having no makan kaki (aka meal buddy).

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to eat out as a dear friend was in Sydney for business. As we wanted to stroll along the Opera House area after dinner, I chose a restaurant near the Circular Quay –

Capital Grill is located at the The Gateway Building which is a stone’s throw away from Circular Quay Wharves. During the weekdays, I can imagine this restaurant being an establishment where the corporate yuppies will have their business lunch/dinners or hangout at the bar for drinks afterwork. As we were there during the weekend, there wasn’t much of a crowd – the bar was near empty but the dinning area was comfortably filled.

The interior of the restaurant is rather swanky – modern and classy. My only complain would be the air-conditioner which does not seem to be working very well when we were there.

[LEFT] View from the entrance – as can be seen, the restaurant boasts a high ceiling concept and level 2 is a half-floor
[RIGHT] View of level 2 dinning area

Both my dinner partner and I opted for the 5-course Degustation Menu as the Menu items seem intriguing and is reasonably priced at just AUD69.

SOURDOUGH – average, not served warm

I was eagerly awaiting their amuse bouche (I read from past reviews that it is a very enjoyable soup) – none came. But there was little time to feel disappointed as the first course (which was served up very promptly) was heavenly!! –

FRESHLY SHUCKED OYSTERS with VINEGAR GRANITA – Oysters were a little small but very fresh and the vinegar granita certainly lived up to my expectations (Prior to visiting the restaurant, I read about how good it was from multiple sources)!

SEARED SCALLOPS – Again, size of the scallops could be more generous. However, flavors were great. I also thought the bacon crisp on the scallops was as good as icing is on cake.

DECONSTRUCTED PORK BELLY – a witty rendition of a dish that I frequent. I figure the pork belly was shredded, coated with batter then fried – end result was pretty tasty! The only thing I did not like was that they served this on a plate that was obviously too small – similar to the plate they used for the oysters!

LAMB RACKS with MASHED POTATOES – Having just learnt this dish in class a few days back, I was eager to check if all the criteria of a good lamb rack was met 😛 Hmmm….not bad at all! My only concern was the consistency of the jus which I thought could be slightly thicker.

BLUEBERRY SOUFFLE – I think the picture speaks for itself 🙂

All in all – a good meal at a good location. The degustation menu was such a great choice as it contains all my personal favorites and the portions were just right for me (although I think some will argue it is too small). And all these at a great value, too!

Capital Grill
Tel: +612 9247 4445 (Reservations Recommended)
Add: The Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place Sydney (Entrance at corner of Loftus Street & Reiby Place)
Opening Hours:
LUNCH 12pm to 3pm
TAPAS & WINE BAR 5pm to 11pm
Spend: AUD 80 Per Pax (Degustation Menu and one wine)

Capital Grill and Bar on Urbanspoon

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