Treats from Japan #1

P & I received a truckload of tidbits fresh from Japan recently – Thank you S!

Tokyo Banana
K:  This is a very popular snack typically sold only in Tokyo due to its short shelf life.  The sponge cake is very soft and the banana puree tasted exactly like fresh bananas!  A good parting gift from Japan and can be easily found in Narita airport.

P: The sponge body is soft and puree is smooth – epitome of the kind of quality we can expect from the Japanese. However, banana  is not my favorite flavor for a sponge cake so I will probably give this a miss the next time.

Tokyo Banana Biscuit
K: A sister product of Tokyo Banana – A mild banana flavored biscuit that will go very well with a hot latte.

P: I liked the rich buttery crunchy banana-shaped cookie that has a slight hint of banana flavor. The packaging also appeals to me as I find the bananas with a ribbon/bow on the tip cute.

Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人)
K: The thin buttery biscuit melted instantaneously in the mouth but the white chocolate filling is a tad too sweet for me (Contrary to P, I do not have a sweet tooth). Interestingly, what I like most about this snack is its romantic name – White lovers (if I translate it literally).

P: Although I have a sweet tooth – such degree of “creaminess” in a biscuit/cookie is not my thing. White chocolate is also my least favorite of chocolates….so the verdict would probably be a…. ‘NO’.

Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru
K: My Japanese friend told me that this is made with premium potatoes grown in Japan. The potato sticks were very addictive and once you start, you can’t stop!  They tasted similar to Calbee’s Jagabee sold in Singapore

P: This is my favorite among the snacks – a snack that ought to adopt the slogan of “once you ___ you can’t stop”. Loved every bit of it!

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  1. Adrastea says:

    Didn’t share the treats with me :p

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