Bangkok Airways – Asia’s Boutique Airlines

My first attempt on Bangkok Airways was such a pleasant one I HAVE to blog about it.

The bangkok-based carrier is a regional airline (not a budget carrier) with Ko Samui as its focal destination – It offers flights between Samui and Singapore as well as Hongkong, among others.

The main difference between Bangkok Airways and other airlines is its focus on delighting the customer:

1)  Check-in – very swift with no queue at all
2) Lounge access –  for both economy and business class passengers (albeit, a different lounge for each)
3) Boarding – although boarding was done on a no-row-call/free for all sequence, all passengers were nicely seated within minutes!
4) Onboard Meal – everyone was served a snack, dessert and beverages on a tray – this was despite the fact that the flight from Bangkok to Samui is barely one hour long!

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Lounge

Bangkok Airways Business Class Lounge – also accessible to all American Express Gold/Platinum Card Holders!

Interior of the business class lounge – very cosy, mediterranean-themed and equipped with hot food and internet (no shower or toilets in the lounge)

Our entire experience with Bangkok Airways was very delightful – journey was smooth and we were pampered with high level of service (and attention to details) from beginning till end. Will definitely fly Bangkok Airways again when there is a chance!

We were greeted by beautiful coast of Samui as we land

Our joy was prolonged upon landing – Samui airport to be such a charming airport it swept us off our feet! The entire airport is resort-style – complete with palm trees and tropical decor.

What a wonderful start to my Ko Samui experience 🙂

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