[Cebu] Cnt Lechon – I Found It

I have been to The Philippines several times but sad to say, my tastebuds do not agree with the food there. I’m actually happy to eat Jollibee (A local fastfood chain) whenever I visit the country – Perhaps I’m not trying the right food.

We were very fortunate to have 3 Pinoys bringing us to the best local places in town this time! I’m hoping to find something to change my conclusion on Filipino food.

We were told that Cnt Lechon serves one of the best Lechon (roasted suckling pig) in Cebu. The Lechon was sold out when we reached – a true testament of how good the business was. We had to wait for the next batch to arrive in 20 minutes.  To avoid further disappointment, we immediately pre-ordered 2kg of Lechon – 1kg for 6 of us to eat there and another kg to be brought back to Singapore.

If you can overcome the murder scene alike random chopping of the roasted pig- you WILL be rewarded with a very good meal.

The crisp skin cracked in the mouth like a biscuit and the flesh was insanely soft and tender.  Eat it together with the sticky rice and a dab of the accompanying sauce (a mixture of vinegar/soy sauce/chili padi) – you will soon feel the Filipino pride!

Yes! I finally found IT – something i will make an effort to return for in The Philippines.

Cnt Lechon
Add: Ayala Center Cebu, Glorietta 4 Cebu City. 4th Level inside Food Choices

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2 Responses to [Cebu] Cnt Lechon – I Found It

  1. ZEE says:


  2. Love 2 Type says:

    we ordered lechon from CNT and it was cancelled because they told us that their pigs got stranded due to typhoon sendong.. pigs are happy, i’m sure. they wouldn’t be slaughtered yet..

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