[Ko Samui] Six Senses Samui

Ever since I started earning my keep – I was blessed with opportunities to experience quite a few beautiful boutique resorts in SEA.
Whenever the going gets tough or when occasion calls for celebration – I find it absolutely therapeutic/enjoyable to escape to a nearby Island like Phuket or Bali for rejuvenation/celebration. In fact, this has since become a routine!

For now, this entry shall document my most recent (and final one, for now) experience at Six Senses Ko Samui.

This guy was waiting at the charming Samui airport for our transfer to the hotel (he left out our names somehow – so I conveniently forgot his, too). Throughout the journey, he was not very helpful – I was disappointed by the overall arrival pick-up experience as it pales in comparison to all my previously experiences and it left me skeptical on what was ahead.

Side tracking alittle….
Before this first experience at the Six Senses Samui, I have heard and read quite a bit on the Six Senses Resorts & Spas. Six Senses Resorts & Spas Group have more than 10 properties worldwide under the Six Senses, Evason & Soneva brand name. I find their core purpose of SLOW LIFE (Sustainable – Local – Organic – Wholesome Learning – Inspiring – Fun – Experiences) quite inspiring and was excited to see with my own eyes Six Sense’s commitment towards the environment. With all that I have heard and read, I was expecting to step right into rustic and unpolished surroundings…

Viola! We were greeted by this handsome straw hut where the Reception is – this hut is indeed a very good prelude to what was ahead…

[Left] Stairway leading to our villa – definitely not a child/elderly-friendly property, take note! Having said that, I noticed quite a few Japanese and European families in the resort.
[Right] Bedroom – Full-length window on all sides of the bedroom, complete with mosquito bed net.

[Top left] Indoor bath tub – love that bamboo ladder – it’s so useful for hanging so many things!
[Top Right] Outdoor show – comes with both rain shower and normal shower head, NICE.
[Bottom] Basin – Super rustic/industrial…very strong in character but not very user-friendly to be honest!

Our in-villa pool facing the sea – perfect spot for chilling out.

[Left] Resort’s private beach – not bad but definitely not the best – sand is not very fine and seabed is quite full of sharp corals. Also, one needs to take about 30 steep steps to walk down to the beach (and up, thereafter!).
[Right] Infinity pool – very good-sized pool and perfect location for a morning tan. I LIKE.

[Left] Poolside refreshments – beautiful gesture by the resort to serve cold refreshing yummies to guests by the pool as well as the beach.
[Right] Library Collection – quite an extensive selection of fiction, non-fiction and travel books free for browsing. One can also do a book swap – swap your title with any title that you fancy!

Breakfast – Absolutely gorgeous selection of breakfast items – made waking up each day so delightful! My favorite was the local noodle stall and extensive tea selection.

As you may have observed, Six Senses offers a very unique experience so close to nature. I can understand why some people will not enjoy the experience as they may find it too “basic” and “unimpressive” for the price paid. However, I welcome the “back to basic” style of this tropical resort and applaud their efforts in conservation and preservation. So many times during the stay, I found myself impressed by the level of detail and attention they pay towards upholding their core purpose. However, one thing to point out is that their spa facilities/amenities did not quite impress us. Being one of the focus area of this Resort Group – I would not hesitate to use the word ‘disappointing’ or ‘lacking’ on my spa experience.

After this experience – I must admit that I prefer alternating between luxury styled resorts with such rustic experiences. I would still name Paresa and Aleenta in Phuket as my all time favorites.

From here, I am going to have to put a stop to visiting such beach resort getaways as I bid goodbye to corporate life (and monthly pay cheque). Till then, I am going to miss waking up to the smell of the sea, the warmth of the sun (I only dare to sun tan privately) and lovely fishes swimming around me as I snorkel in the clear blue sea…

…or maybe not – Bondi Beach, anyone?

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