Treats from Japan – The Travelling Ramen

Another nice gift from S – She made us a Twiceasdelicious instant cup noodle from the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum! Momofuku Ando is the inventor of instant noodles and the founder of Nissin Food Product Co.

Look at the thoughtful packaging – the cup noodle was bubble wrapped to prevent damage in your luggage. The cute little chick (Hiyoko-chan) is the mascot of the museum and you will see it more of its presence later.

S shared with me the experience in the museum – First, the staff will give you an empty cup and you can decorate it with the markers provided. S certainly did a great job with our URL, logo and initials! Hearts~

There is an expiry date on the bottom of the cup- the noodles will expire 1 month from the day you made it. After decoration, you can proceed to fill your cup with noodles and to choose the toppings and soup flavor.

Left – S picked the little chick fishcakes (how cute), tamago, asparagus (interesting), tofu and tomato soup base.
Right – Look how the dried tamogo fluffed into nice little yellow cushions after adding hot water.

Oishi!!! I had to eat the noodles with a disposable spoon because that was the only cutlery I had in my Saigon accommodation. I will definitely stock up more cutleries soon. This cup noodle actually travelled from Osaka to Singapore to Saigon!

Overall, I believe it will be an interesting experience to make your own customized cup noodle- I will definitely visit the Museum when I’m in Osaka next time. The noodle was reasonably tasty – the asparagus still pack a crunch and of course the cute little chick fishcakes enhanced the overall eating experience.  Do check this out when you are in Osaka!

Thank you S – she only had time to make 1 cup noodle in her visit to the museum and she made it for Twiceasdelicious. P and I are very touched~

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