Preparazzi – Gourmet Food at your Doorstep

After learning about Preparazzi on Facebook one day, K & I decided to check it out!

Preparazzi is a food preparation service that helps you cook delicious, healthy meals at home with no fuss. They help plan, prepare and cook the dishes and deliver right to your doorstep. Preparazzi is the brain child of Jeremy Ngee (above) – he is also the winner of this year’s Martell VSOP Entrepreneur Competition, beating 550 other candidates and 9 other finalists. This is very remarkable given that the competition saw some pretty brilliant business ideas, in my opinion.

We ordered 5 dishes in all to share among a handful of us and we truly put Preparazzi’s concept to the test by –
1) Having the food delivered to us at around 5pm  – immediately placed the food in the fridge
2) Went to gym and returned at 8.30pm
3) Heated the food and served and food was ready before 8.45pm

Despite the reheating – the dishes were cooked to perfection instead of the overcooked state that we would expect from reheating packed food…obviously, much thought must have been put into how this could be achieved.

[Clockwise, from Top Left]
SLOW ROAST PORK RIBS with Chickpea Puree & Capsicum, Zucchini, Eggplant – This dish is a winner. The flavor and the texture of the pork rib was amazing and definitely comparable to the kind of pork ribs you can get at a nice restaurant. However, I wished it came with potato or apple puree instead of chickpea – have never been a chickpea fan and I felt the chickpea puree was too dry for my liking (Good thing about Preparazzi is that I am pretty sure they are able to change this upon request!)

BRAISED PORK CHEEK with Tamarind Chilli, Apple Potato Puree, Sugar Snap Cherry Potato – The pork cheek was also well received…we were all impressed with the strong flavors of the pork cheek which must have been the result of long hours of cooking with a perfect selection of ingredients. Personally, I also enjoyed the tomatoes very much as it was roasted to the right degree such that the tomatoes burst in your mouth with oozing juices when you sink your teeth into it.

DUCK CONFIT SALAD with Baby Spinach, Young Bastagi Potato,  Sugar Snap, 62.5deg egg – This was probably our least favorite of the day….the flavors of the duck did not disappoint – however, we found the salad too dry and uninspiring as the egg failed to provide enough “dressing” to the salad (not sure why either as I would have imagined it should!).

CAYENNE PRAWN with Cous cous, Salted Egg Yolk, Sugar Snap Cherry Tomato – frankly, I wished the portion of the crustacean was bigger! As a result of sharing, I did not get to try much of this dish and certainly did not detect any salted egg yolk (my bad, probably). The prawn that I had was beautifully prepared and full of freshness.

[No solo shot, somehow I forgot!]
POACHED COD FISH with Rosemary Mash, Nai Bai Pesto & Capsicum, Zucchini, Egg Plant – Nothing in this dish that stood out in particular. However, it was a well prepared cod fish and pretty good value given the freshness and portion!

Overall, we felt pretty satisfied with the gourmet food served in plastic takeaway boxes. Some of the dishes stood out more than the rest so we definitely know what we would/ would not try the next time. We also found the portions of carb and veg way too generous compared to the proteins.

Preparazzi’s concept of gourmet food at your door step is definitely a refreshing idea – I will order it the next time I feel too lazy to go out for a meal when craving for something of healthy and of good quality and value. It is also a good option if you are too busy to step out of the office for lunch!

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