[LCB] With a Song in My Heart

More often than not, I find myself finishing cuisine classes on an emotional high – unexplainable, indescribable…but certainly very real.

And today, I finally came to the realization that the main difference between kitchen life VS corporate life (for me) is: the highs are much higher and lows are much lower for the former – how enlightening this is!

Above is a picture of my SPINACH RAVIOLI with GOAT’S CURD & LEMON THYME DRESSING prepared in class today. Very satisfied with how the texture of the ravioli skin turned out and pleased to know that Chef felt the same.

Quite a  big day tmr…Chef De Partie for Mains in Restaurant Class. Workflow prepared, dish visualized – all prepared and ready to step into Restaurant Class with a song in my heart…

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2 Responses to [LCB] With a Song in My Heart

  1. Renna Halim says:

    hi, how was your superior classes? don’t you put your superior pict in here?
    next week i’ll start my superior while you start your industrial placement things.

    • P says:

      Hi Renna,

      I hope you are enjoying Superior 🙂
      Will be posting Superior classes stuff very soon…..watch out for this space!

      All the best for your restaurant classes – they are super fun!


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