[LCB] Basic Pastry Week 5,6,7,8 & 9

Baked Cheesecake – “New York Style” (by Chef Michael)

Soft Rolls & Crusty Rolls (by Me)

Gourmet Sandwiches (by Me)

Brioche – Nanterre, Parisienne, Tressee, Donuts (by Me)

Croissants (by Me)

Poached Apples with Orange segments (by Me)

Compoted Berry Soup with Crostoli & Apple Jelly (by Me) – most awesome dessert ever!

Apple Jelly (by Me)

Tarte Tartin (by Me)

Poached Pear Tart (by Me)

Creme Brulee (by Me)

Pear Bourdaloue (by Me)

Rice Pudding with Baked Rhubarb (by Me)

Golden Orange and Almond Sponge Pudding (by Me)

Exam Coffee Eclairs (by Me) – Disappointing as I screwed up my Creme Pat and landed myself in such a hurry at the end. Because of the mad rush, I did some horrible horrible piping and broke a few eclairs in the process 😦

Exam Fruit Tart (by Me) – Not as pretty as I wanted it to be as I was in such great hurry to deco the topping because of the Creme Pat screw-up 😦

Chocolate Figurine (by Me)

Chocolate Bars (Right one, by Me)

And this marks the end of Basic Pastry at LCB. It has been an enjoyable (and somewhat relaxing & therapeutic) journey so far – hence, it is not at all a difficult decision to continue on to Intermediate Pastry next term….watch this space for more sugary/buttery treats!

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