[Sydney] Circa Espresso

During my friend X’s recent visit to Sydney, we decided to check out one of the breakfast place that I have been wanting to try for awhile now – having read/heard raving reviews on it.

Located in Paramatta and surrounded by skyscrappers (Parramatta is a satellite CBD area in Syd), this quirky corner cafe is sitting on what used to be a garage – which explains its long and narrow floorplan.
It is tough not to be attracted to the bold graffiti both inside and outside of the cafe, coupled with decoration/ornaments that shouts out character. I LIKE.

[LEFT] MENU – printed on brown paper held together by a clipboard. Options wise, it would be nice to have a few more choices but they do change their menu now and then – smart move as it will keep the customers returning!
[RIGHT] Coffee-brewing area pressed against the wall at the right of the entrance – a common sight here in Sydney. Quite a cool and space-saving concept as customers benefit from the sight and smell of fresh coffee brewing….however, the noise (can be quite loud with the grinding and squeaking of the beans and dispenser) may annoy some. Note to those with more sensitive eardrums or who would like to enjoy an uninterrupted conversation: Do NOT sit next to the Coffee-brewing Area.

[LEFT] Long and narrow front of the cafe – as you can see, this cafe is not big and can likely sit just 30 people or less at a go. Expect to have to wait if you are popping by over the weekend.
[RIGHT] Cosy corner at the back of the cafe after the kitchen area – this area boasts deco of a different era compared to the cafe front. Renaissance-style sofa and book shelves (filled with books to read over a cuppa, yayy!) complete with dark colored walls and dim lightings – NICE.

MOCHA – Sadly I am not a big fan of coffee as I am caffeine intolerant. However, I have started on some coffee since I arrived in Syd as there are some simply irresistably good ones around – this one at Circa Espresso DEFINITELY qualifies as one of them good ones.

BANANA BREAD – A Singaporean friend has insisted I try out Banana Bread while I am here. I took the opportunity when I saw it on the menu – and did not regret it. Circa’s version of banana bread is finished off with passion fruit jam which worked quite well with the bananas.

BREAKFAST WRAP – My breakfast wrap was overflowing with fresh ingredients – except for the fresh tomatoes which I would have preferred to be of finer dice….everything was perfect. I also appreciate that skin of the wrap was toasted to the right level of crispiness.

BREAKFAST PAN with BACON – Unable to recall the actual name of this dish that X ordered but basically you get to choose the way you want your eggs. This breakfast served on the pan is yummy! However, I have to admit that I was  alittle shocked that they served it on a non-stick pan versus a more beautiful/presentable cast iron or copper pan typically used. Nevertheless, a tasty dish that I will order the next time I am there!

Overall, Circa is an awesome find and an establishment which has brought much joy to the folks in a vicinity that is lacking such cafes. It is a place I can imagine visiting any time of the day (Well, but they close at 4pm) to have my breakfast fix or simply to lounge on their gorgeous sofa with a cuppa on my left and my favorite book on my right.

Circa Espresso
Spend: Approx $15 per pax
Add: 21 Wentworth Street, Parramatta 0414 477 812
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm

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