Eggs & Berries – Quantity vs. Quality 1-0

Eggs & Berries is Food Junction’s latest F&B venture. I guess they caught up with the current “All day breakfast” craze in Singapore!

Bright, chirpy decorations – Very apt for a “breakfast place”. The restaurant was fairly crowded around 2pm.

Menu and Alcohol List – Offers a wide variety of Western food & drinks. There’s something available for everyone.

[LEFT] Pan-Seared Smoked Chicken & Eggs Set [RIGHT] Runny Poached Egg
(Top Left, Anti-Clockwise) –
Pan-Seared Smoked Chicken – Dry & tough. NEXT.
Rosti – Tasty but soggy.
Baked Beans – I take the canned version anyday.
Salad – Fresh & crisp greens.
Tomato – Topped with garlic and cheese bits. Unappetising and underbaked.
Poached Egg – You can choose the way you like your eggs (Overeasy/poached/scambled/sunny side up). I made the right choice – The poached egg was very well executed. THUMBS UP.

The restaurant should probably focus more on what they are good at (i.e. eggs). It’s such an irony for a dish named “Seared Smoked Chicken & Eggs” to have only ONE egg!

[LEFT] Butter Milk Pancakes – This is part of the pan-seared smoked chicken & eggs set. You can choose between pancakes or rice as the side. The pancakes came with 3 sauces (Chocolate, Maple and Raspberry).
[RIGHT] Latte – Cost more than Starbucks’ and barely half as good.

Overall – Eggs & Berries serves very value-worth meals (I can’t say the same for drinks, the latte costed $6.50++). Two small eaters can probably shared the “Seared Smoked Chicken & Eggs set” and that will just cost $5.10++ each. Eggs & Berries offers an “all day breakfast” option in the East and I may return (Since it’s near home) if i have a serious poached egg craving.

Can someone please bring  Yolk, First Watch, NY Bagel or Fairwood into Singapore?

In the meantime, my clear choice would be to head back to the pricey and snobbish Wild Honey for my all day breakfast fix. 😛

Read Some like it Haute’s open letter to Wild Honey. I can’t agree more with her on Wild Honey’s service.

Eggs & Berries
Tel: +65 6636 4212
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm
Add:  5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-37/38, Changi City Point
Spend: $19.50 (Note: There is a 10% off promotion for Citibank cards)

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