[Sydney] Double Roasters – Definitely worth the Double Visit

Located in Marrickville (a place once known for its array of vietnamese eateries that has since evolved to become home of many great cafes), Double Roasters is primarily known for its awesome/aromatic freshly roasted beans.

With my rather vibrant cafe-hopping lifestyle of late, this cafe managed to impress my brunch buddy (M) and I quite abit we found ourselves returning to the same place within a span of 1 week.

Visit #1

Shopfront of this establishment which took over the venue of an old warehouse

[LEFT] Interior of the cafe – very in line with the current trends of rusticity and industrial-feel
[RIGHT] Open kitchen – coffee making and food preparation bench behind the till. Their coffee roasting area is located behind the open kitchen and accessible to anyone who is interested to take a peek.

MENU – the very cute illustration on the menu drew my attention 🙂

[RIGHT] MOCHA – notice the random gold and silver spoons on each beverage…they have a massive collection of random classy vintage teaspoons that comes with every hot beverage you order – I LIKE such randomness!

[LEFT] CROQUE MONSIEUR ($10) – such a wonder that something as simple as a grilled ham and cheese sandwich can taste this good….one of those great inventions by the Parisians!
[RIGHT] DOUBLE ROASTERS HOUSE-MADE BAKED BEANS with EGGS PROSCIUTTO  & SPINACH ($12) – Poached eggs and beans were average….unlike prosciutto which can never go wrong.

Around the corner, Bourke Street Bakery – simply could NOT resist leaving this place without popping by for some sausage rolls and tarts. Self control -> FAIL.

Visit #2
Exactly 1 week later: After a hearty brunch at Cornersmith, M & I headed back to Double Roasters hoping to try their Corn & Zucchini Fritters which was sold out during our previous visit. Unfortunately, the fritters were not available on that day – apparently, they serve it on weekends and SOME weekdays ONLY…tough luck!

Since we were already there, we could not resist leaving empty-stomached (figuratively)….

[LEFT] GINGER & MINT ICED TEA – refreshing, rather mild and totally delightful! The perfect consolation drink for those who have to swear off coffee for one reason or another 🙂
[RIGHT] Caramel Slice ($3.50) – exceeded expectations

Overall, Double Roasters offers great coffee and a very attractive menu – both in variety and pricing. Capacity wise, this establishment is rather spacious with seats both indoors and out (very kid-friendly, too). Parking unlikely to pose as a problem with the ample amount of street parking available along Victoria Road.

Double Roasters on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to [Sydney] Double Roasters – Definitely worth the Double Visit

  1. Anonymous says:

    u always post a clear bright photos. what are u using for taking all of those pictures?

    • P says:


      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      When visiting places that are dimly lit – i would use my Panasonic Lumix LX5 (awesome automatic camera for low light conditions). However, the photos in this instance is captured using my iPhone 4s.

      Hope this helps!


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