The Big Sheila – More Chic-Chic Lunches to Come

[LEFT] The Big Sheila is located in Swan Lake Avenue. It’s opened by an ex-colleague who sent us personalized invitations.
[RIGHT] It’s a small restaurant with just a cosy sofa corner and a long communal table.

The big Sheila placed its daily offerings on the counters near the entrance. The first moment of truth was excellent – everything just looked so drop-dead gorgeous and fresh!

Do you like fresh raspberries in your water? I do. 🙂

[LEFT] Moo-ish & Moo-ish – Well roasted beef (With the right hint of pink in the center) on greens served in a vinaigrette dressing.  The “paper plate” was a pain though – It’s really hard to eat your food properly on a piece of paper that slides away from you. 😦
[RIGHT] Sausage & Egg Pie – Simple + Classic = Awesome.

Chocolate Fondant – It’s worth the close to 20 minutes wait (The fondant was baked upon order) to end our chic-chic lunch on a sweet note.  We killed time with a glass of champagne – elavating boring weekday lunches to a new level. 🙂

Overall – The Big Sheila is a refreshing face in the quaint Chai Chee estate. We will definitely return for more gourmet lunches….and post-work drinks in the evening.

The Big Sheila
Tel: +65 66454422
Opening Hours: 15 Swan Lake Avenue, Singapore 455711
Add: Mon-Wed 8am-4pm, Thurs – Friday 8am-10pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm (Best to call)
Spent: $37 per pax

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