Plan B

Here I am, back in school. Yes, this wasn’t the initial plan…but such is life – it doesn’t always turn out the way you suppose it would be.

One week into my job in Restaurant F (an up and coming one-hatted restaurant), I threw in the towel. Reasons aplenty —
1) Working hours – 15 hours of work with just a 10 minute break in between
2) Safety – location of workplace is not exactly the safest place in town and to end work past midnight just doesn’t help
3) Job nature – Lifting a kitchen Aid 1 metre above one’s head is a true hazard but just one of those many things you have to do multiple times a day
4) Traveling time – 1.5 hours door to door, 3 hours to and fro each day – how much time do I have left for shut-eye?

Working in a great restaurant with a nice menu, respectable head chef and lovely colleagues made the tough work enjoyable, but at the end of the day…

Personal well being VS Furthering a passion – I chose the former.

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2 Responses to Plan B

  1. kly says:

    sounds like a great place to be working at… pity about the long travelling time and safety issues..

  2. P says:

    Hi Kly,

    Yes – pity indeed. Sometimes I wonder….if things would be quite different if I were a man. And often I am quite convinced the answer is ‘yes’ , sadly. But then again, I think even if I were a man, I have been made weak by circumstances…

    Positive outcome: The more I ponder upon this…the greater my respect for chefs in the world.


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