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GOI CUON (Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimps, Pork & Rice Noodle) –  I learnt how to make this popular Vietnamese appetiser in Saigon cooking class. My family is very fond of this healthy snack so it’s an obvious choice for the #CookForFamily menu.

[TOP LEFT] Pan-sear the pepper and salt marinated pork and cut it into thin slices
[TOP RIGHT] Boil the prawns with a pinch of salt and slice them into halves
[BOTTOM LEFT] Prepare the other ingredients like rice noodle, beansprout, lettuce, spring onion and rice paper. I’m really happy to find my favourite rice paper brand (Safoco) in Saigon Sandwich
[BOTTOM RIGHT] Assemble the ingredients into tasty spring rolls and serve with a bowl of peanut sauce on the side

Please drop me a note if you are interested in the recipe – Happy to share 🙂


HENG HWA LOR MEE – A staple in my household. My grandmother used to make lor mee for us every so often. This is definitely comfort food at best and a dish that is close to my heart.

This bowl of noodle is a collaborative family effort–
Dad bought the fresh noodles from a traditional Heng Hwa stall downtown
Mum cooked this. She is a great cook! 🙂
I garnished the dish (with the seaweed sent by my relatives from China) and served it

I’m getting more and more interested to learn how to make Heng Hwa dishes (yes, Mum is certainly pleased to know that). Perhaps, I will do a Heng Hwa series soon.  🙂


ICE CREAM MOCHI by King’s – An all-time family favourite.

Overall – My family & I had lots of fun making and eating this simple 3 course meal. Hope this post encourages you to spend more time cooking with/for your family.

Home-cooked meals are typically cheaper & healthier. Most importantly – you get to spend time with your loved ones. 🙂

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