[Sydney] When K meets P


Truckload of Singapore delights arrived in Sydney – P & K love their hokkien mee!


[FROM TOP LEFT, CLOCKWISE] Momofuku Seiobo – Sydney, Enzo – Hunter Valley,
Milk + Honey – Canberra & Alpine Larder – Snowy Mountain.

P & K had tons of great food during their trip BUT…

Nothing beats just having gourmet food and wine at home – The advantages of living with a chef-to-be. 🙂


Sydney|Hunter Valley|Canberra|Snowy Mountain

P drove and K unwillingly picked up the map-reading task after the GPS failed them. After 20 wrong turns and an almost grouchy P – K was finally able to navigate decently (YAY).  The GPS died for a good reason.

Road trips are good for marathon conversations and eating Ding Tai Fung egg fried rice that still tasted fab even when it was eaten icy cold. Three cheers to DTF!


Lake Crankenback Resort & Spa, Snowy Mountain

Good morning, world!

P & K were awed by the charming resort. They highly recommend Lake Crankenback to anyone heading to snowy mountains.

[TOP LEFT] 7 Bullocks Drive – They rented the studio unit attached to a 3 bedder duplex.
[TOP RIGHT] Spacious room with natural sunlight when the curtains were drawn. LIKE the vibrant orange sofas.
[BOTTOM LEFT] Shared laundry and suana room – YES a suana room, can you imagine that? This is the only common area they have to share with their neighbours in the deplux.
[BOTTOM RIGHT] Kitchenette completed with a dishwasher. P & K made full use of it for their hotpot, giggly & bubbly nights.

You won’t go wrong with 7th Bullock Drive…..unless you hate rainbows. 😛


Thredbo Ski Resort, Snowy Mountain

P had fun skiing while K had fun talking to the elderly, eating doughnuts and sitting (WHEN not falling) on the snow 😛


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

P & K “connected” with the art pieces and enjoyed the musuem visit.


Overall – An AWESOME holiday! P & K look forward to the next one. 🙂


P is back to school trying to juggle between Superior Cuisine & Intermediate Pastry classes.
K is back at her day job counting dollars & cents.

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