[LCB] Intermediate Cuisine Week 3,4 & 5

Oh boy! Balancing both the cuisine and pastry stream has certainly kept me very busy.

Obviously lagging behind on my updates (it’s now week 9), here’s what we lovingly prepared in a short 3 weeks —

[LEFT] Puree of pea soup Saint-Germain with Croutons (by Chef Andreas) – simple, healthy and delicious if you can get hold of some good chicken or vegetable stock.
[RIGHT] Prune and Almond Tart (by Chef Andreas) – prunes are not my favorite

[LEFT] Salad of Pigeon with Pine Nuts (by Me)
[RIGHT] Sardine and Mushroom Tranche (by Chef Tristan) – what a lovely lovely tart that is pretty simple as long as you have some virgin puff pastry at hand

[LEFT] Creamy Garlic Soup (by Chef Andreas) – another simple yet delicious soup….this one’s thicker as it contains quite abit of potatoes
[RIGHT] Breast of Pheasant in Puff Pastry (by Chef Andreas) – made ‘Beef Wellington’ style, this dish is quite a showcase of skills as it required us to debone a bird, cream some mousseline, whip up some perfect (thin) crepes all tightly wrapped in a thinly rolled puff pastry

[LEFT] Pork Cutlet Normandy style (by Chef Andreas) – classical dish. Sadly, I overcooked my turned apples which appeared like baby food on the plate 😦
[RIGHT] Braised Cos Lettuce (by Chef Andreas)

Passion Fruit Bavarios (by Chef Andreas) – The last time we made a bavarois was in Basic Cuisine – at that time, I concluded that bavarois is not my kinda thing as it was too rich, creamy and one-dimensional in my opinion. This dish, however, totally overthrew all my previous perception – love love love the flavor and aroma the passionfruit added to the dessert!

[LEFT] Duck Breast with Black Trumpet Mushrooms with Roast Garlic Mash (by Me) – Simple yet absolutely delicious! I think garlic mash’s such an awesome idea.
[RIGHT] Savarin with Kiwi (by Me) – A baked yeast dough soaked in syrup….Way too sweet for my liking.

[LEFT] Rabbit – before butchering. I was glad the rabbit did not come complete with head and paws!
[RIGHT] Rabbit – after butchering. Chef reminded me to take a picture as he felt I did a good job in justifying the sacrifice of a rabbit 😛

[LEFT] Braised Rabbit Parcels with Soft Polenta with Truffle Oil (by Chef Andreas) – Although rabbit tastes rather similar to chicken, the ‘gamey’ taste is distinct. DISLIKE.
[RIGHT] Baked Cheesecake (by Me) – Absolutely delicious! In my opinion, the cheesecake was too dark but Chef felt otherwise.

[LEFT] Smoked Salmon Fantasia (by Chef Iris)
[RIGHT] Saute of Chicken Basque (by Me) – one of my favorite dishes in terms of taste – it really reminded me of my mom’s awesome chicken & potato stew which I LOVE.

[LEFT] Potato Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce (by Me) – First attempt at gnocchi-making was fun! Although too starchy for my liking…but it is so fun to curl/roll those cute little things I may consider doing it at home!
[RIGHT] Cottage Cheese Tart (by Me)

Look at the amount of tea towels I use on a weekly basis – these, on top of the 5 sets of chef’s jacket & aprons. It is no wonder I have been spending majority of my time outside school doing laundry and playing hide-and-seek with the sun!

With the theory exams down, I am now left with my cuisine practical (3-course meal in 4.5 hours…nerve-wrecking!) and pastry practical (10 Eclairs and 1 Fruit Tart in 5 hours…abit too much time?!?!) exams next week. So for now, it’s back into the kitchen to practice, practice and practice this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend and eat well!

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5 Responses to [LCB] Intermediate Cuisine Week 3,4 & 5

  1. Renna Halim says:

    Such an inspired for me, thank you very much.

    And currently I’m an intermediate cuisine student at LCB in Sydney (my second-weeks now). I was born in Indonesia.
    It has been an amazing after I found your blogs, because sometimes (or maybe always) I have this feel, afraid of what will be the next lessons? and can I do that? or can I finish it on the right time and looks like what the chef though us on the demo classes? So when I found your blogs I can see what it should be looks like (the dish) on the plate.

    Your blogs is my motivation to go to college and never be afraid even it was harder than what I expected. Keep inspired me and another people (or chef)! Wish you forever luck.


    • P says:

      Hi Renna,

      Apologies for the late reply as I have been MIA.
      Am glad you enjoyed reading our blog 🙂

      It’s true that it can be quite daunting to prepare a dish for the first time and with the time and assessment pressure – I feel that too, all the time. But I feel encouraged when I know that school is the best place to make any silly mistakes and that our chef lecturers are the best people to learn from (because we paid them to). The industry…is a totally different story. So up the confidence and get the most out of each lesson. It’s great you are trying to prepare prior each lesson 🙂

      Have fun!


  2. kly says:

    dont worry about ur practical, 4.5 hours is plenty. just have to get ur workflow organize properly 🙂

    • P says:

      Thanks, Kly. Exams went fine, I think. Everything would have turned out just fine…BUT I silly-ly mistook chicken stock for fish stock -__-

      Anyway, it’s over now. Am happily in Superior Cuisine!

    • P says:

      Hi Kly,

      You are right – couldn’t have done it without a well-thought workflow.

      I survived, albeit mistaking chicken stock as fish stock for my entree….oh wells.


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