[LCB] Basic Pastry Week 3 & 4 – A Pictorial

Lesson 7 – All about choux pastry – Profiteroles and more. (by Chef Michael)

Lesson 7 – Profiteroles, Eclairs & Choux Swans (by Me)

Lesson 8 – Coffee Eclairs (by Me)

Lesson 9 – Japonais with Italian Butter Cream (by Chef Angelo)

Lesson 11 – Salmon in Pastry (by Me)

Lesson 11 – Beef Burguignon Pie (by Me)

Lesson 12 – Chicken Vol au Vents (by Me)

Lesson 12 – Pithiviers (by Me)

In the past fortnight, we tackled 2 big rocks – choux and puff pastry. To me, choux is much easier than puff pastry (Puff pastry is so time consuming considering the >700 layers of lamination we need to create!). However, chef mentioned that choux pastry is almost impossible to produce with our normal home ovens as it requires rapid heat at the beginning and the release of steam that has built up mid-way through baking 😦
On another note, I am finding the pace of pastry demonstrations a.little.too.slow such that I have resorted to bringing books to read during the lessons. 4 weeks into pastry class and I already see the stark differences – shall dedicate a blog post on this topic some time soon!

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6 Responses to [LCB] Basic Pastry Week 3 & 4 – A Pictorial

  1. Edward Tang says:

    Ha! Did I just feast my eyes upon desserts? They looked tempting! Nice!

    • P says:

      Hi Edward!

      Thanks, I feel encouraged 🙂


      • thedessertprince says:

        I believe any baker/patissier can do with a bit of encouragement (That’s because I am one myself, though not as refined as yours.) I see you’re one step nearer to opening a patisserie ehh? hhahah!

        • P says:

          Hi Edward aka The Dessert Prince,

          Oh, you are being modest!!

          One step to opening a patisserie? Not sure. But definitely inching towards becoming a better chef!

          Enjoy your culinary journey!


  2. Anonymous says:

    P…..I’m excited to see all the nice pastries created by you! Maing me Hungry ah…..Have Fun and continue to make good food…hehehehe…Jac here, Greeting from SG =)

    • P says:

      Hi Jac,

      It is my great pleasure to be able to move you through my creations 🙂

      Thank you for being my staunch supporter – you guys help keep me going when the going gets tough!

      Hope life’s treating you well! Love life, eat well.


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