[LCB] p = mV

Getting back into the routine of school has proven harder than I imagined. Since the term commenced 2 weeks back, I have been struggling to get back the momentum…and as I sit down to figure out what went wrong, all I can think of is p=mV I figure I probably played too hard and became less disciplined/lazier during the holidays.

There may also be a few other reasons why I found it harder this term –

1) Am loading on a 5-day school week (Basic Pastry on top of Intermediate Cuisine) with average of 10 hours in school daily
2) Working as a cuisine trainee in the commercial kitchen on my 2 free days (Looking forward to ending work soon as this crazy schedule is not sustainable physically)
3) Class size is much bigger as they combined Mon-Wed group with Thu-Sat group this semester – with a total of 56 students. Large class size means less interaction in class, equipment cat-fights and pathetic kitchen bench space. DISLIKE!
4) Intermediate level is significantly faster paced (3 course meal within 1.5-2 hours) and there’s less hand-holding and the chefs expect alot more from us

I certainly miss my days in Basic cuisine where I have formed firm friendship with many of my classmates. But I guess it is time to break out of comfort zone once again and strive hard to gain back my momentum for this part of the journey.

To end off, this is one of the rare pictures I took of my creation this term (I have given up taking photo of all my dishes due to time constraint).

EGGS BENEDICT presented my way

Stay tuned on my adventures in Basic Pastry class!

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2 Responses to [LCB] p = mV

  1. Adrastea says:

    Looks nice n delicious. 加油!

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