[LCB] The Correlation between Practice & Perfection

As you may know – my knowledge of French food just 3 months ago was limited to the occasional visits to french restaurants. Hence, I was more than a little apprehensive entering my cuisine course at LCB as many of my classmates have spent years studying or working in the culinary world.

As a child, I was inculcated with the belief that any lack could be made up through sheer hard work; when it comes to the basics of cooking – hard work often means manual practice.

As a result, I found myself purchasing bulks after bulks of:

1) Carrots, Potatoes, Mushrooms – Turning
2) Double Cream – Quenelle
3) Eggs – Omelette
4) Spatchcock – Trussing
5) Dory Fish – Filleting
6) Sugar – Sugar work

The problems I ended up with:

1) Am now utterly sick of carrots, potatoes and mushrooms
2) Too much chantilly cream that ended up turning bad
3) Failed omelettes that are too ugly to be given away
4) Eaten too much chicken
5) Refrigerator that wouldn’t shut close – gross lack of fridge space

But, these are happy problems because these practices have indeed made me grow – both in knife skills and in confidence in the kitchen.

TURNED CARROTS – These were done on the same week we learnt how to turn carrots in school. I can recall vividly how impatient I was to get it right!

TURNED POTATOES & CARROTS – These are by products of my practice the day before our practical exam

[LEFT] The beginning was plain frustrating – but with every mushroom that I failed in….I grew more determined to succeed, fast.
[RIGHT] 6 days and more than 30 mushrooms later, I finally “saw the light at the end of the tunnel”, phew.

TURNED MUSHROOMS – Elated that I finally grasp the technique (almost!)

So now, what can we conclude about the correlation between practice and perfection?

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3 Responses to [LCB] The Correlation between Practice & Perfection

  1. Adrastea says:

    Really impressive!,, looks very professional

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