[LCB] The Beginning

Yesterday – the reason why I had to cut short my CNY celebration in Singapore and fly back to Sydney on Tuesday. Yup, yesterday was the Orientation Day of my new beginning at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney 🙂

I was feeling slightly apprehensive but mostly excited…

The orientation was no different from the usuals – talks after talks, tour of the campus, meet & greet etc. The highlight for me was lunch (typical Singaporean?) – which was prepared by our chefs complete from Starters to Desserts – NICE.

Toolkit full of knives, uniforms and textbooks were also issued. I also purchased a pair of safety clogs which are compulsory in the kitchen.

Takeaway of the day: One has to be physically very strong to be a chef-in-training at LCB – besides needing to stand for long hours during practical sessions, one has to lug these 15KG worth of stuff to and fro school everyday…I would better start lifting some weights more regularly.

Lessons begin next Thursday for me – for now, let me sit back, relax and enjoy (reading the textbooks, that is).

To folks in OZ – Happy Australia Day!

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5 Responses to [LCB] The Beginning

  1. carol says:

    oh wow… 15kg, really?

    • P says:

      Hi Carol,

      Yes – I just weighed everything I need to bring to school for tmr. 15kg…no less!

      Fortunately I live very near school 🙂


  2. meganngsy says:

    Hello! May I know how much the fees were like to enroll into the school? 🙂

  3. andres says:

    Hi, what are the things that are needed to be bought on the side(additionally)?

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