Itacho Sushi vs. [Ho Chi Minh City] Sushi Bar – The Battle of Sushi

It is interesting how our tastebuds changed over time. I use to fancy sushi with cooked ingredients i.e. tamago before I fell crazily in love with raw fish sushi i.e. sake. The tastebuds eventually evolved towards aburi sushi. I wonder what will be my next sushi craze.

I found some good and reasonably priced aburi sushi in both Itacho Sushi and Sushi Bar.

I guess Singaporeans will be familiar with Itacho Sushi by now – how can anyone miss the snake queue at the Japanese shop in Ion. Tip: Go to the Plaza Singapura branch instead – P & I did not have to queue when we went there for an early lunch a couple of months ago.

ABURI SAKE SUSHI – It’s screaming EAT ME! Very fresh and the fatty salmon literally melted in the mouth.

[Left] ROASTED DUCK BREAST SUSHI- Interesting but unfortunately dry and tough.
[Right] SOY SAUCE SALMON SUSHI – Nothing special but for the price (daily specials at 40cents each), i will not complain.

On a separate visit – I tried some of their premium sushi selection i.e. wagyu beef, fatty tuna etc. They were decently good but did not WOW me.

Overall, a good place to satisfy my craving for good aburi sake sushi IF I can beat the queue.

Sushi bar is a popular Japanese restaurant chain in Ho Chi Minh City. They served a wide range of sushi (true to its name) and that is where i go for a weekly fix (or more) of Japanese food in Saigon.

[Front] ABURI SAKE SUSHI – Good rendition of my favorite aburi sushi but the salmon used here was definitely not as fatty as the one in Itacho Sushi.
[Back] ABURI HOTATE SUSHI – Juicy scallops with a twist of lemon. Enough said.

Sushi bar also served some interesting sushi like Okura natto (Fermented soybeans with raw quail egg) sushi. I tried it on a separate occasion- the sushi tasted very unique and I can imagine it’s not a popular sushi choice for the faint hearted.

Overall, the standard of sushi here exceeded my expectations (At least in Ho Chi Minh City). Sushi Bar was where I had the freshest fish in Saigon so far. The quality of raw fish I had in Market 39 and Ichiban Boshi Vietnam were very disappointing.

If I had to pick between Itacho Sushi and Sushi Bar- It will be the former. The aburi sake sushi there is simply unbeatable.

Now tell me, what is your favorite place for aburi sushi?

Itacho Sushi
Tel: +65 63378922
Add: Plaza Singapura #02-35 (Multiple branches- Check out the website)
Opening Hours:
Mon–Thu & Sun: 11am–10pm Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm
Spend: Approximately $25 per pax ($1.7 for 1 aburi sake sushi)

Sushi Bar
Tel: +84 38223154
Add: Ground Floor, KUMHO LINK – 39 Le Duan st.,Dist.1,HCMC (Multiple branches- Check out the website)
Opening Hours: Mon–Sun 10am-23.30pm
Spend: Approximately $15 per pax ($1.9 for 1 aburi sake sushi)

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