Saizeriya – Affordable Italian Fare

Although priced ~70% lower than your typical Italian fare, this restaurant is not to be compared to Pasta Mania (or the likes).

Saizeriya is a Japanese chain of casual, low-priced Italian Restaurant offering Italian food to the masses – this menu is not extensive…however, one will be able to find a decent number of all-time favorites ranging from pizza & pasta to steak and even escargot! This concept of affordable and very decent quality Italian Food since 1973 has proven to be a success – to date, there are more than 750 chains worldwide!

Interestingly, my parents were the ones who introduced me to Saizeriya – they brought me to the Liang Court branch last evening where I had my first taste of Saizeriya –

TUNA SALAD ($4.50) – flavors were quite nice but the greens did not appear very fresh

MUSSELS WHITE SAUCE GRILL ($3.90)  – The mussels were surprisingly huge and tasted great with the white sauce. Such quality at this price –  what a steal!

OVEN GRILLED ESCARGOT ($5.80) – another surprise as they served up some pretty good escargot – now I will have to think twice about paying $20 or even more for this dish elsewhere!

[LEFT] CARBONARA ($5.80) – flavors were right and spaghetti was pretty much al dente (maybe just slightly over). Wished there was more bacon though – but for that price…what more should we expect?
[RIGHT] PINEAPPLE & BACON PIZZA ($6.40) – Again, very decent.

TUFFE ICE CREAM ($4.90) – We were forced to choose our second choice as Tiramisu was out. We soon received great consolation as the tartufo of chocolate and vanilla is pretty damn good!

On top of these, the restaurant also serves cheap alcohol – Wine is at $3.20 per glass and Tiger beer at $6.50 for bottle of 640ml.
Prompt service is another area to highlight –  from the seating to ordering and serving of food…everything was like clockwork which is very impressive for a restaurant that seats more than 100. And did I mention there is absolutely no service charge (all prices are Nett)?

So many reasons to go back to Saizeriya again soon!

Liang Court Branch
Add: 177 River Valley Road, #02-22, Liang Court Shopping Centre Singapore 179030
Tel: 65-63379001
City Square Branch
Add: 180 Kitchener Road, #B2-55/56, City Square Mall Singapore 208539
Tel: 65 68344877
Bukit Timah Branch
Add: 1 Jalan Bukit Anak, #02-24C, Bukit Timah Plaza Singapore 588996
Tel: 65 64675992

Opening Hours (all branches): Daily, 11am – 10pm

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