Cocotte – Rustic French Food

K & I visited Cocotte during lunch (some time back when K was still based in SG and I was still at my day job). Cocotte is located at the ground level of Wanderlust Hotel.

Casual and rustic, their choice of decor immediately caught our attention, you know – one of those places that intrigued you so much you find yourself checking out every corner including the ceiling to see what they have done to conceal their pipes (which they didn’t).

We went for the 3 course individual set lunches ($29++) – note that Cocotte also serves communal set lunches for up to 4 pax. To us, taking the individual set lunches makes more sense as we wanted to try more without increasing the portions (trust me, the portions are very generous!).

FRIED TRIPE – Pork Intestines cooked tender and then breaded. To us, this was something unique and quite tasty – however, my advice is to limit to just a few pieces as the ‘law of diminishing return’ applies for this dish 😛

ROSETTE – Not a fan of cured meat but according to my lunch companions, this french cured sausage was not bad but nothing impressive.

CHICKEN LIVER MOUSSE – Again, decent but nothing impressive.

PAN SEARED CHILEAN SEA BASS – served with funnel, tomato provencal & zucchini gratin, this dish was such a delight both in texture (cripsy skinned, tender meat) and flavor (well flavored yet the sweet freshness of the fish was highlighted). Frankly, this dish gives quite good reasons for one to return to this restaurant.

BEEF BOURGUIGNON (additional $12 to set lunch price) –  an unimpressive dish.

ROAST PORK COLLAR WITH CREAMY DIJON MUSTARD SAUCE (additional $12 to set lunch price) –  Can’t recall much about this very average dish except that it is very rich and makes one really full.

PASSION TARTE –  The raspberries and vanilla tart was a fine combination. Very pretty looking, too.

BASQUE CAKE – Our first time to try the basque cake. Not our favorite – we found it too tough and dry for our liking.

HOMEMADE APPLE PIE ICE CREAM – A classic example of how “Simple is Beautiful”. One of the best ice creams I have had..I love how there was both sweet and sour, cream and jam – all combined in one ice cream.

To be frank, we were filled to the brim by the time we reached mid-way of the main course. The portions were so huge there it makes very good value for the hungry. Overall, our dinning experience at Cocotte was pretty average as there were some hits and some misses. Will go back if I am craving for affordable rustic french food in a casual, unpretentious setting with quirky decor.

Tel: +65 6298 1188
Add: No. 2 Dickson Road Singapore 209494 (Wanderlust Hotel)
Opening Hours: Closed on Sundays
Lunch – Mondays to Saturdays 12noon – 2.30pm/ Sundays 12noon – 3pm
Dinner – Mondays to Thursdays 6.30pm – 10.30pm/ Fridays to Saturdays 6.30pm – 11pm
Spend:  $29++ per pax for Set Lunch (Additional cost for some main course selections)

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