Iggy’s – A Midweek Indulgence

On a random Wednesday morning 3 weeks back (just as the fatigue of a busy week was kicking in) – K and I decided to try our luck in getting a table at Iggy’s for lunch on that very same day! Given that Iggy’s lunch menu is significantly more affordable than their dinner, we were prepared to be disappointed, BUT…

30 minutes later, there we were sitting at a table for three.

Personally, Iggy’s has been on my Wish List ever since they moved to Hilton (formerly at The Regent) in September 2010 – I wanted to check out the new place which I hear is much bigger.

Indeed, the new venue boasts an area twice as big. One can classify the restaurant into 3 unique spaces –
1) Waiting/Lounging area styled after a living room with modern decor
2) Counter/booth seats overlooking the open kitchen
3) Dining area with not more than 10 tables (or capacity of ~25 pax)

The lunch seating turns out to be less busy than we expected – just 5 tables or 12 pax to be exact. The Prix Fixe Menu offers a good range of options  for a 4-course meal (note: not all the items are included in the menu online).

[Amuse Bouche] SMOKED EEL PARFAIT with SEVRUGA CAVIAR – I was really excited to try this as I have never tasted a smoked fish parfait! The parfait did not disappoint – it was  smooth and tantalizing to the taste buds and the taste of smoked eel was light yet distinct.

The bread was of high bake quality – however, it was the creamy butter topped with grated cheese that caught my attention.

RANCHED SOUTHERN BLUE FIN TUNA with Nicoise vegetables, truffle mayonnaise – Everyone would break into a  smile when they have this dish presented in front of their eyes – trust me! The vibrant colors were such a visual treat I almost felt guilty to eat it. But when I finally did – was pleasantly surprised by a bubble (hidden amidst the salad leaves) that oozes anchovies paste when burst! This dish was a great attempt at trying to ignite one’s senses.

FOIE GRAS with Figs, tarragon, cassis – foie gras terrine was beautifully crafted but personally I believe that foie gras tastes best when seared/sauteed.

FREE RANGE EGG with Winter black truffles, mushrooms – egg was poached to perfection but somehow the truffles did not WOW me. Still, a good choice compared to the spaghettini.

SPAGHETTINI with Smoked mullet roe, zucchini – Spaghetti was al dente but the dish failed to impress.

WAGYU CHEEK with Pomme puree, red wine – Beef cheek is yet another first to me (since I only started eating beef a few years back) . I was pleasantly surprised by how tender the meat was – it literally fell apart with a gentle tuck. I believe this was attained through hours or even days of slow and careful cooking – somehow, it gave me the desire to master this dish someday (soon)!

KUROBUTA PORK with Tanba beans, chickpeas, romanesco – did not really get a good taste of this dish as it was not my order. I was told the dish was very well prepared and surpasses the Daniel Boulud’s milk-fed pig (Coming soon: my review on Daniel, NYC).

The meal ended on a high note as the chef served 3 very vibrant desserts – particularly worth mentioning is the basil ice cream which is so refreshing to the palette.

Overall, we feel that our experience at Iggy’s lived up to the restaurant’s reputation of being one of the best restaurants in Singapore (and some say Top 50 Restaurants in the World) – would gladly return for more when we have exhausted our Restaurant Wish List AND have cash to spare. One thing I have to admit – I missed the good old days day back at The Regent Hotel where one could sit at the counter and be entertained by the chefs preparing our meal behind the glass-enclosed open kitchen.

Tel: +65 6732 2234 (Reservations Recommended)
Add: 581 Orchard Road, Level 3 Hilton Singapore Hotel, Singapore
Opening Hours: Mon thru Sat, 12pm-1.30pm, 7pm-9.30pm (Closed on Sun)
Spend: $85++ Per Pax for 4-course Lunch Menu


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6 Responses to Iggy’s – A Midweek Indulgence

  1. Vignesh says:

    That was a great review! So 2 of you ate all the dishes – You must have built up one hell of an appetite!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Looks like a great way to fight mid-week blues! Am now tempted to try out this place soon, esp the wagyu cheeks 😉

    • P says:

      Yvonne – Indeed. Tell us about your experience if you do visit! I would also recommend “Strawberry (with basil ice cream)” for dessert.

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