2am Dessert Bar – A True Inspiration

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2am Dessert Bar is located at a corner of Holland Village.  It is certainly not the easiest place to find but not a major problem when we have our master direction navigator (i.e. P)  around. :)

edit2Kayambe H20 – 72% Michel Cluizel chocolate, Evian

P - A dark chocolate mousse infused with Evian resulting in a hollow block with a salted caramel liquid centre – marvellous piece of art indeed! I have always thought Michel Cluizel’s chocolate is too acidic for my liking but it was not the case in this dessert – I LIKE.

K - Very well deserved of the signature dessert title in 2am. This was not my choice of dessert but ironically,  I liked this best out of the lot.

2Popcorn – Sweet and salty, Yuzu

P – Popcorn and Yuzu…..these are a few of my favorite things! Great flavors when eaten separately….but I thought there was something lacking to bind the entire dessert together. Nevertheless, it remained a highly enjoyable dessert.

K – I read about “Popcorn” in many other blogs and was really excited to try it. Unfortunately, it fell short of the high expectations. Like what P said – the “binding factor” was missing.

photoCheese Avalanche – Biscotti, Sous vide cantaloupe, Candied figs

P – My least favorite of the 3…not because it was not well executed but simply by personal preference (K has always been the cheese lover between us).

K - This makes a great dessert for me since I would gladly choose a cheese platter over sweets any day. I could not figure out the sous vide cantaloupe though- it tasted exactly like fresh melon.

Overall – We applaud Chef Janice’s innovation. Her passion and dedication is clearly reflected in her works – hence, it is little surprise she clinched the Pastry Chef of the Year Award in World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence. Chef Janice’s goal is “to elevate the status of desserts to that of their savoury counterparts in top restaurants in Singapore and the world”….well, a true inspiration indeed.

2am Dessert Bar
Tel: +65 6291 9727
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 6pm to 2am. Closed on Sun.
Add: 21a Lorong Liput, Holland Village Singapore 277733
Spent: $51 per pax

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