Wild Rocket – A True Taste Propeller

Chef Willin Low of Wild Rocket describes his cuisine as Modern Singaporean.

Despite Wild Rocket being around for 6 years – I have yet to step into the doors of this establishment till now. On the other hand, K has been there a couple of times so we relied on some of her experiences and recommendations.

The restaurant has a modern and clean-cut design – with some rustic feel. Being located at the lobby of a travelers’ hostel (Hangout @ Emily), it is not surprising that the restaurant is not a big one and with very limited parking space.

The Executive Set Lunch Menu offers 3 Courses at $35++ while the Set Lunch Menu offers 3 Courses at $28++. The difference in the executive and the normal set menu is that the former offers more premium appetizer & main course selections, as well as the option to select any dessert from the a la carte menu. It was great they have the set menus because looking at their extensive a la carte menu – I wouldn’t have been able to make up my mind! However, I did wish they had the Laksa Pasta in their set menu.

SALMON CARPACCIO on octopus & bonito spiced brown rice – this dish was interestingly served in a wooden bowl with chopsticks and spoon. Every scoopful was a burst of flavors and texture. Frankly, I am not a fan of brown rice and never thought I would enjoy brown rice this way! The small pieces of squid among the rice is a very smart combination – the chewiness of the squid lifted the otherwise predictable texture of the brown rice. Salmon carpaccio was good – as expected. Arguably my favorite dish of the day!

HERBAL PORK RIB BAK KUT TEH consomme with foie gras & pork wanton –  the wanton was like a mini packet filled with tender pork – a very interesting deviation from our usual wanton filled with minced meat. Consomme was light but bak kut teh flavor was distinct. What we could not understand was the foie gras – if the intention was to add a western touch to the dish, we personally felt the 2 did not marry well. Nevertheless, a good starter.

DEEP FRIED HOMEMADE EGG TOFU with century egg sauce - we did not enjoy this dish. The flour batter was thick like that of Fish & Chips – not how we wanted our tofu to be. Unfortunately, the century egg puree did not help.

ROAST CHILEAN SEABASS with chai po confit on light congee - The result of integrating one of my favorite chinese condiment with one of my favorite fish was a complete success! The moderately oily nature of the seabass compliments the chai po very well (think: Chwee Kueh) – combine these with some congee at the base which did a great job at balancing the saltiness – this dish is a classic display of how Chef Willin cleverly combines local flavors with western fare! I LIKE.

CRABMEAT LINGUINI with chilli tomato cream  - a generous serving of crab with spicy tomato base was served up. Pasta was slightly past al dente but I enjoyed the dish as it is not overly rich. My lunch companions however thought that the dish could be better if the sauce is less viscous or if a little more cream was added (think: Da Paolo Pasta with Crabmeat).

3 Responses to Wild Rocket – A True Taste Propeller

  1. Suz.ette. says:

    The lychee martini white chocolate tart looks yummy!

  2. P says:

    Suz – It was! But we did not have the stomach to eat the whole of it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Barramundi capriccio sounded scary BUT it was absolutely delicious…..recommended by Chef Willin of course!