Waku Ghin – Wowed

Waku Ghin was recently voted as the #2 best restaurant in the annual ranking of Asia’s top 20 restaurants held by the Miele guide. I heard many good things about Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s second restaurant and that was my choice for a celebrity chef dinner when a dear friend returned to Singapore for a visit.


photo1Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar

The 10-course degustation menu used exceptionally premium and fresh ingredients which helped to justify the costly price tag. The signature dish (above) certainly did not disappoint and the lavish courses (incl. truffles, abalone, lobster, wagyu beef etc.) that followed were all presented perfectly to us.

I love the elaborate tea ceremony held in front of the guests after the teppanyaki courses. Waku Ghin serves the finest green tea (Gyokuro) to help cleanse our palate before we move on to desserts in a separate room. The desserts turned out to be mediocre but the view of Singapore’s skyline from that room was stunning!

Waku Ghin is known to provide an intimate experience – both in terms of space and service. The 10,000 square feet restaurant (with more than a dozen staff) only serves a maximum of 25 guests. Go figure out the space/staff/guest ratio. :) We were very satisfied with the personalized service provided that evening.


The restaurant offers only one 10-course degustation menu. The two options you have are – Take it or leave it. :P

There are 2 seatings at 6pm or 8.30pm daily. The former is too early and the latter is too late. We took the 8.30pm seating and left the restaurant at around 12 midnight. We were not the last guests to leave - similar to other fine dining establishments, Waku Ghin will only close when the last guest leaves.


It’s certainly not a pleasant experience to walk all over MBS to find the restaurant when you are going to blow more than a grand for dinner. My dining companion and I arrived separately and both of us spent more than 20 minutes in MBS trying to find the restaurant. Waku Ghin is actually located on the second floor of the casino that you need to take a different lift to reach. My 2 cents worth – Just call the restaurant when you reached MBS, the staff will provide you with very specific instructions to locate the restaurant.

Overall, the Waku Ghin experience is one that I enjoyed tremendously. A well-deserved #2 spot in the Miele guide.

Waku Ghin
Tel: + 656688 8507
Opening Hours: Dinner only – 2 seatings (6pm and 8:30pm)
Add: Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes, Atrium 2, L2-02
Spent: SGD 660 per pax (SGD 400++ for 10-course degustation menu and a few glasses of wine)

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