[The Entertainer App] Coq & Balls

Hello! 2 things that has been on my to-do list for quite a while now -

1) Check out a gastropub with a really catchy name of ‘Coq & Balls’
2) Try out a new app called  ’The Entertainer’

First, the gastropub.
Coq & Balls is located in Tiong Bahru which is by now saturated with cafes and eateries (I believe there will be few/no more as authorities are stepping in to maintain diversity and balance in the types of establishment in that area).

 Interior coq 2
Coq & Balls boasts a rather chic interior
They offer a very comprehensive range of imported beers and some quirky cocktails
[LEFT] Asian Wings, [RIGHT] Carbonara
[LEFT] Roast Chicken Thigh , [RIGHT] Churros
The food was generally very agreeable with my taste bud except for the dessert (Churros).
Overall a great dining experience at good value – would definitely go back.

Next, The Entertainer App.
This is all a rather new concept to me – basically, a comprehensive range of 1-for-1 main course deals is made available via the purchase of The Entertainer (available in print or mobile app form). What really enticed me was the the list of participating establishments; many of the places have been on my must-go for a long time now – I have since bookmarked a list of  places on my ‘Favourites’ list (one of the great features of the app) —
1) Au Petit Salut
2) Balaclava
3) Brewerkz
4) Cafe Iguana
5) Cocotte
6) Coq & Balls
7) Cornerstone
8) Croute by Hummerston
9) Delicious
10) Extra Virgin Pizza
11) Fat Cow
12) Green Room
13) Group Therapy
14) Habitat CoffeeFrom a value perspective – since The Entertainer costs just SGD95 a year, it takes 4 or less uses in order to break-even. For some, it may take just 1 usage to break-even if one brings along a party of friends (Maximum of 3 1-for-1 deals per establishment).A few quick facts —

1) The Entertainer is a new entrant in Singapore; as such, it is still in the process of on-boarding more establishments locally – so users can expect more deals to be added in the near future!
2) Besides F&B deals, The Entertainer also offers 1-for-1 deals on travel, leisure, body, kids, services (I am particularly attracted by the Timezone deals, hotel deals and sports/adventure deals)
3) Each booklet/app purchase offers 3 1-for-1 deals per establishment (limited to 1 deal per 2 pax, to redeem 3 deals at one go…you need a party of 6 pax for that visit).

With the newly downloaded app (thanks to The Entertainer for their generosity bestowed upon K & I), I eagerly made a Chope reservation at Coq & Balls to check out this place using my new app.

The result was a highly pleasant experience – the establishment displayed no sign of biasness against The Entertainer users. Having said that, it took the service staff awhile to clarify with their supervisor about this deal – all in line with how new this is.
In addition, what I really like about the app is the ‘Savings’ feature – it keeps track of the the total amount of savings derived so far (occupational hazard, eeks!).

For the curious among you – here’s how it looks like at the moment of redemption —


Alright, folks.
Enjoy, be Entertained.

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