[Sydney] Rockpool Bar & Grill

Being one of the top on my wishlist for a place to intern at (back then), I made a reservation at Rockpool Bar & Grill when my folks were here on a visit back in July.

The interior of the restaurant itself is quite impressive – high ceiling, large dinning floor area, very decent-sized open kitchen and all (and very very dimly-lit too).

However, not all dishes were impressive and very much less so their plating. Here’s sharing a couple of dishes which we enjoyed and would consider ordering again –

SEARED KING PRAWN WITH GOAT CHEESE TORTELLINI, BURNT BUTTER, PINE NUTS & RAISINS ($32) – very impressed with how beautifully-wrapped the tortellinis are.

CRISPY ROCK FLATHEAD ($49) – Perfectly executed. According to mom…the best fish she has ever tasted. However, I am not sure if the plating of the dish did justice to it.

Overall, a place to go to for quality food at a price – great for business dinners. However, do not expect anything fancy.

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  1. Diner says:

    I was looking up local restaurants and thanks for your most recent post. I was considering Rockpool, hoping that the bad reviews were just fantasies, but it appears not to be the case. That’s not crispy flathead. That is burned flathead. I wouldn’t pay 49 dollars for that.
    Any Sydney sider with sense could hop on a bus and head to the fish markets at Pyrmont (less than 10 minutes away from the city) for a better seafood experience and selection.
    The next time your parents are in town, head to the Sydney fish markets.

  2. P says:

    Hi Diner,

    Yup, agree Rockpool B&G is pricey. Thanks for the advice…I love the sydney fish markets and frequent that place for sashimi! Not sure about their fish dishes though….these days, I just prefer to DIY (putting my new skills to test!).

    Happy OZ Day in advance!


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