[Melbourne] Stokehouse Café – Your Friendly Beach-side Café

A trip to Melbourne is incomplete without a visit to St Kilda beach – especially it being Summer right now. Before my first visit to Melbourne, my friend described St Kilda as the “East Coast Park” of Melbourne. In some ways, I see where she is coming from – it’s location (conveniently located near the city centre) &  it’s purpose (family outing, couples dating, dogs walking, runners and joggers sweating it out). However, I MUST highlight that it is wrong to liken Australia’s beaches to that in Singapore – there’s hardly anything similar between them at all.

A typical afternoon along St Kilda

Along this lovely beach nests a remarkable establishment which is renowned for its good food. The Stokehouse (two hatted) occupies the upper level of the establishment; meanwhile, Stokehouse Bar & Grill (located on ground level) has now been replaced by this sun shiny cafe since the beginning of this year.

With no lack of sunshine flowing in through the glass windows, the Café offers both indoor and al fresco dining. Capacity is huge so one should hardly worry about finding a table (no reservations accepted for the Café). Ambience wise, we found it a little too noisy and the layout of the café somehow reminded us of a fast food restaurant…hmm. HOWEVER, the relatively good service, great food and awesome scenery more than made up for it.

MUSSELS, PEPPERONATA, SAUSAGE, CHILLI, MINT ($12) – Awesome rendition of one of my favourite things!

ROASTED SWEET CORN, SPICED MAYO, LEMON, MANCHEGO ($6) – corn has never tasted so good, seriously!

Although some may find the menu selection insufficient, I believe in quality selections rather than quantity. Overall, I had a very enjoyable and affordable first attempt at this café – will definitely pop by everytime I head to the beach.

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