Skirt – 3 Heartfelt Notes to the Boldest Grill in Town


We made an impromptu decision to head to Skirt on a weekday night in office. We were rather early and we noticed the 3 other seated tables;

First table was at a corner – A woman in her late 20s, waiting for a few others to join.

Second was dead centre – Three men, one seems particular important, all eyes were on him.

Third was a booth – An experienced couple who looked like they’ve gone through everything in life.

All these ordinary people have one thing in common… their love and gratitude towards food. Read these 3 ordinary people’s heartfelt (and witty) thank you notes given to their memorable courses in Skirt.


To My BFF, Bellini

Tim and I finally broke up… I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t have been able to get through this without you. You always found a way to soothe my soul and clear my mind with your sweet kind words and ever bubbly smile.

You’re the best friend every girl wish for.

Love you lots,

Newly Single

Twice As Delicious – We loved the reasonably priced drink list in Skirt. We recommend a glass (or two) of bellini to start your memorable experience in Skirt.

Skirt Steak

Dear Mr. Steak.

We didn’t think we were going to get the client to sign the deal but when the waiter came out with you, “just the way he likes it”, the table turned and it got closed immediately.

Always appreciate your tender piece of advice.

Thanks again,


Twice As Delicious – We tried a few cuts and we liked the recommended wagyu grain fed steak the most. Do not fret if you are not a beef eater, there is a wide range of seafood and non-beef mains to choose from (The iberico pork tenderloin is pretty awesome!).


Dear Cupid the Cheese,

Oh how we’ve aged… Since you match-made us together we’ve lived through so much, some years harder than others and at times completely stuck in the blue, yet all is well.

Even till this day, we’re most blessed to have met and matured with you.

Forever Grateful,

Coupled for Many Over Years

Twice As Delicious – The cheese platter in Skirt is a winner. There is a good variety – All 3 of us with various cheese preferences (i.e. stinky, soft, hard) were happy with the platter. We had the apple crumble and chocolate fondant for desserts and those were rather forgettable.

Overall – Skirt is one of the best steakhouse in Singapore. The prices were very reasonable for the high quality ingredients and fab ambience (Steak price starts from $38). The only shortcoming of Skirt is its inaccessible location in Sentosa Cove.

Operating Hours: 6pm- 12 midnight
Address: W hotel, 21 Ocean Way  Singapore, 098374
Tel: +65 6808 7278

Text by Amiko & Karyn
Photos by Amiko and Pei Ching

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