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Mac Donalds – Festive Menu

It’s been too long since I last wrote; wished I have a fancier excuse – but the real reason is that work’s been keeping me away Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of popping by Macs after work to check out their festive menu Here goes my thoughts —- Beef Clubhouse Burger: At firstRead More

Queues, Queues & Longer Queues

It is getting so difficult to avoid long queues for food in Singapore. See below for the three “infamous queues” in town recently. Jollibee Singapore (Image by Sheere Ng, Makansutra)  Jollibee is one of my favourite fast food restaurants and my “must go” whenever I visit The Philippines. I love the juicy beef steaks  andRead More

[New Delhi] McDonald’s – McSpicy Paneer

I like how Mcdonald’s tries to localize their menu in various countries to suit the local taste buds. One of my favourite McDonald burger is the Sichuan burger I had in China. Thus, I’m keen to try the vegeterian burgers unique to India to see how they fare.   McSpicy Paneer Extra Value Meal – The traditional IndianRead More