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Bar Stories – Personalized Cocktails

This is one bar that is probably reviewed to death in the blogosphere and does not require more introductions. Bar stories is all about personalized drinks & interactions. The best seats are definitely at the bar counter where you get to see the melodramatic actions from the over friendly bartenders. [LEFT] Passion Fruit Tiki –Read More

2am Dessert Bar – A True Inspiration

Image from 2am Dessert Bar  2am Dessert Bar is located at a corner of Holland Village.  It is certainly not the easiest place to find but not a major problem when we have our master direction navigator (i.e. P)  around. Kayambe H20 – 72% Michel Cluizel chocolate, Evian P - A dark chocolate mousse infused with Evian resulting in a hollow block with aRead More

[Ho Chi Minh City] La Fenetre Soleil – Timeless Charm

La Fenetre Soleil is one gorgeous, stylish café located in the heart of Saigon. The café is located very near Vincom Center (Less than 3 minutes away) but I had a hard time finding the café as the shop numbers are not in order.  You have to look real hard in order not to miss the small signboard. Similar toRead More

[Ho Chi Minh City] 15 Things to do in Saigon

I ended my near to 4 months “expat” stint in Vietnam and would like to share some of my experiences there. I fell in love with beautiful Saigon – my days there were filled with joy and laughter. Thank you Saigon. 1. MOTORBIKE Go local and take a motorbike. You can go on a bikeRead More

The Bar at Morton’s – One More Please

You CANNOT miss martini night at Morton’s bar! You get excellent value for your buck daily (Monday – Friday) from 5-7pm. That is also when the bar is at its fullest – every corner will be occupied. You get a choice of 5 different martini @ $12.95++ each and complimentary filet mignon sandwiches! The latter is definitely the starRead More