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Sen Bar & Restaurant – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #14

Heading to Geylang on a Friday evening after a tough week is not really my kinda thing. Don’t get me wrong – I love what Geylang has to offer in terms of food (think: Tze Char, Frog-Sexy-Leg Porridge…and the much debatable Beef Horfun); it is just not the part of town I would like toRead More

The Barkery – Homemade Treats for Pets

Happy Birthday to our little furball! We ordered the BD cake and some treats from the Barkery. The ordering process was simple. I placed the order online and received an email shortly to confirm the details.  They were able to accommodate my request to change the icing colour. Delivery was prompt and made personally by the owner, Elizabeth and her daughter.  They gave someRead More

Majestic Restaurant vs. Chu Dao

Majestic restaurant and Chu Dao are both known for their innovative Chinese cuisine in Singapore.  We decided to go out of our Chinese restaurant comfort zone i.e. Imperial, Paradise Group…. and try out the two well reviewed restaurants. Majestic Restaurant                         Majestic restaurant is housed in a boutique hotel on Bukit Pasoh Road The Must OrderStewed Mee Sua with BabyRead More

Ding Tai Fung – Truffle Xiao Long Bao

I love Ding Tai Fung. DTF = Outstanding quality, reasonable prices and consistent standard. It is one of my favourite meal places. Truffle Xiao Long Bao (with DTF’s signature 18 intricate folds) – This is sinfully good but after the second piece, the taste became overwhelming. I guess I prefer my truffles on fries. The truffles wereRead More

Mark & Spencer’s Croissant – Singapore vs. London

I like the buttery croissants I had in London’s M&S.  I love butter (sorry heart, I will try to eat such sinful food moderately) - I remember an incident when I put a large slab of butter on a small piece of bread and my colleague asked me whether I was eating bread with butter OR butterRead More

Old Street Bak Kut Teh – Service with a Smile

The girls and I are on a Bak Kut Teh (BKT) craze recently. You will definitely see more posts on this local dish very soon. I chanced upon Old Street BKT near Tai Seng MRT and decided to give it a try. The 7 month old BKT shop offers a wide variety of items. TheyRead More

Margarita’s – Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Sometimes you just need junk food……and a couple of cocktails. There is no better place than Margarita’s for that. THE KITCHEN SINK BURRITO - It contained everything but the kitchen sink. Super LIKE the witty name. This is definitely THE burrito to order. The kitchen sink contained a dozen of ingredients including rice, chicken, beef, beans etc wrapped in a giant tortilla then toppedRead More

Saigon Sandwich – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #10

Saigon Sandwich – The new kid on the block in the world of banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). The cafe is opened by an investment banker and his Vietnamese wife. The missus family has a baguette bakery in Saigon where they pick up their baking skills from. The café offers several banh mi options and a couple of Vietnamese favourites like spring rollsRead More

Caphe East Vietnamese Cuisine – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #6 (Includes: Exclusive interview with Owner)

Caphe East is a new Vietnamese eatery that I chanced upon along East Coast Road while heading to Starbucks for my daily fix. I was so intrigued by the fact that Caphe East sells banh cuon (Steamed rice rolls) that I immediately ordered a takeaway (even though I just finished my lunch) – and whatRead More

Casual Vietnamese Eateries – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #3, #4 and #5

Twice as Delicious is also the proud team behind Buttertrade We make it easy for everyone to get GOOD CAKES [LEFT] Little Vietnam Restaurant and Cafe – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #3 [RIGHT] Cooling indoor seats. There is also a large outdoor area that looks like a good chill-out spot at night. Btw, the beerRead More