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[Prague] An Unexpected Evening

As we usher in the long weekend, I got reminded of how much I am yearning to travel. Gone are the days that I made use of each and every public holiday/business trip/school holiday to travel. These days, I am grounded by my obligations – obligations that I am glad to have the opportunity toRead More

[Sydney] Il Bolognese – The Reason behind my Midnight Cravings

This is one pizza I find myself craving for at the wake of dawn, sometimes in the middle of the night and especially at the end of a tiring day in the kitchen. I can eat this for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner….any day of the year, I swear. BELLA’S SPECIAL ($20-$30 depending on size)Read More

[London] Raining Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity chef restaurants are everywhere in London. I tried a couple of them during my stay. The title of the post coincides with the current weather in London - Cold & wet but I’m certainly not complaining. Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay [LEFT] Bread Street Kitchen – Located in Bread Street. Just a stone throw away from the office. Read More

Basilico – First attempt at Italian Buffet

Last Saturday was my first time at Basilico – I have always marveled at the chic décor of this Italian Restaurant whenever I dined at Tenshin and it has been on my Eat List for awhile now….so I was quite excited to finallyyy be there! Basilico is one of the very few Italian restaurants thatRead More

Saizeriya – Affordable Italian Fare

Although priced ~70% lower than your typical Italian fare, this restaurant is not to be compared to Pasta Mania (or the likes). Saizeriya is a Japanese chain of casual, low-priced Italian Restaurant offering Italian food to the masses – this menu is not extensive…however, one will be able to find a decent number of all-timeRead More

Al Forno – Comforting Italian Fare

Al Forno is a cosy Italian restaurant located along East Coast Road. The restaurant expanded across the street – there is a branch right opposite the main restaurant.  Both shops share the same menu/resources. On that particular night, we saw a cute Italian waiter bringing bread across the street from the main shop to theRead More