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Fond memories of Breakfasts in [Melbourne]

It’s been three months since my trip to Melbourne and just this morning I found myself missing the one thing that I neglect all too often – breakfast. Since it is not part of the plan to return there any time soon, all I can is to reminisce on my best breakfast experiences … CUMULUSRead More

[Sydney] Trio – The Breakfast Choice at Bondi

TRIO is a breakfast/brunch place inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Located along Bondi Beach, this place offers great views with food that goes along very well with it – MOCHA – One of the rare few places that uses chocolate callets…LOVE IT! BOSS EGGS ($22) – Scrambled eggs with feta and truffle oilRead More

[Melbourne] Stokehouse Café – Your Friendly Beach-side Café

A trip to Melbourne is incomplete without a visit to St Kilda beach – especially it being Summer right now. Before my first visit to Melbourne, my friend described St Kilda as the “East Coast Park” of Melbourne. In some ways, I see where she is coming from – it’s location (conveniently located near theRead More

[Sydney] Rockpool Bar & Grill

Being one of the top on my wishlist for a place to intern at (back then), I made a reservation at Rockpool Bar & Grill when my folks were here on a visit back in July. The interior of the restaurant itself is quite impressive – high ceiling, large dinning floor area, very decent-sized openRead More

[Sydney] Double Roaster – Worth a Double Visit

Located in Marrickville (a place once known for its array of vietnamese eateries that has since evolved to become home of many great cafes), Double Roasters is primarily known for its awesome/aromatic freshly roasted beans. With my rather vibrant cafe-hopping lifestyle of late, this cafe managed to impress my brunch buddy (M) and I quiteRead More

[Sydney] Reuben Hills – Brb

At long last, I visited this not-so-new-anymore café in Surry Hills a couple of sundays back. Reuben Hills was opened earlier this year and has since received much attention for it’s self sourced and roasted coffee as well as finger-licking good food. Unpretentious shop front with bench – great way to bask in the sunlightRead More

[Hunter Valley] Enzo – Gravitation

This is one establishment I find myself going to every time I drive down to Hunter V (Total Count YTD: 3). Located  in a tuscan inspired village (complete with sandstone buildings and all), this nice cafe restaurant is located in the heart of hunter valley wine region. Al Fresco dinning at the front of theRead More

[Sydney] Kitchen by Mike – Served in a Warehouse

Situated in a lovely furniture warehouse at Rosebery, my second attempt at visiting this café was a  fruitful one (first attempt was the day K arrived in Sydney in July – I picked her up, headed to Kitchen by Mike, put her off with the long queue and made it up by bring her straightRead More

[Sydney] Circa Espresso

During my friend X’s recent visit to Sydney, we decided to check out one of the breakfast place that I have been wanting to try for awhile now – having read/heard raving reviews on it. Located in Paramatta and surrounded by skyscrappers (Parramatta is a satellite CBD area in Syd), this quirky corner cafe isRead More

[Sydney] Capital Grill – Capital G…for Good!

The past month was potentially the month of my life that I ‘ate-in’ the most. Mainly due to a combination of having too much food at home (packed from school) + having no makan kaki (aka meal buddy). Last weekend, I finally had the chance to eat out as a dear friend was in SydneyRead More