[Seoul] Off the Beaten Track


Noryangjin Fish Market

What can be a better immersive experience than spending a couple of hours in the largest fish market in Seoul? We toured the market (got used to rude stares), ruined our shoes, held a live octopus and picked fresh seafood for our lunch.


[LEFT] We were awed by the fishmonger’s swift filleting of the fish we picked. Yes, practice makes perfect.
[RIGHT] Live octopus is a must try for any self-proclaimed foodie. You can’t see them moving on the plate but they were! Verdict – Tasted pretty easy with a tad of sesame oil and a lot of Korean beer. Just remember to chew well before swallowing.

We joined the Korean fish market tour from O’ngo food and we enjoyed the experience very much.

Ihwa Mural Village


It was a memorable experience finding our way to the mural village. We had fun getting lost, tackling a steep slope, seeking help using “sign language” from a group of friendly ajumma then finally…..urban art heaven!

We loved the beautiful murals in the village. There are around 60 painted walls and there would be interesting finds if you look hard enough.

A highly therapeutic art walk (even under a blazing sun) and we would highly recommend the mural village if you want to do something different in Seoul.

one dish

It is obvious that a restaurant does a dish particularly well…….when there is only one dish on the menu.

[LEFT] Daedo Sikdang - Nothing fancy in this traditional beef restaurant. Just quality meat and soju. Simplicity at best.
[RIGHT] Bong-chu Jjim-dak - A wholesome braised chicken dish with potatoes, carrots and (oh-my-fave) noodles. We went back for another (and larger) round on our last day in Seoul. Yes, it is that good.


Griffin Bar at JW Marriott Dongdaemun

Enjoy a bespoke cocktail experience at the Griffin Bar. We were charmed by the witty bartender and his award winning concoctions!

Overall – A short and sweet ”off the beaten track” vacay in Seoul with the awesome-est travelling companion. :)

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