Secret Wednesdays

Ever since our random mid-week visit to Iggy’s more than a couple of weeks back, K and I came up with the idea of our very own “Secret Wednesdays”. Basically, “Secret Wednesdays” refers to our weekly activity of setting aside Wednesday lunch time to visit one of the eateries we have on our Wish List – the eatery could be a restaurant, a hawker centre…anywhere!

Why we named it “Secret Wednesdays” is because it is like our little secret (visualize: waking up every Wednesday morning filled with excitement and anticipation)…and it also acts as our secret weapon for combating mid-week blues (if any).

However, Secret Wednesdays turned out not so secretive afterall – our colleagues soon discovered what we were up to…and amazingly, a few of them have since joined us as they enjoy food the way we do! K and I are thrilled – what could be more lovely than great food coupled with great company?

More reviews on our mid-week adventures to come - till then!

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  1. […] days as our lives are consumed with incessant busyness. Gone were the days where we go for our secret Wednesdays (usually good value lunch sets in town) and they are now replaced with pre-scheduled monthly […]

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