Savour 2012

Are you attending the hottest culinary event of the year?

I am.  :)

Savour is a huge culinary carnival showcasing many celebrity chefs. The chefs will present 3 – 4 of their signature dishes to the audience – Kinda like a “Michelin-starred” Pasar Malam (Night Market in Malay language)”. See the official Savour menu.

Below is my MUST TRY list:
1) Molecular Xiao Long Bao by Alvin Leung - Bo Innovation Hong Kong
2) Banh Cuon Thit Heo (Steamed rice rolls) by Bien Nguyen - Xu Vietnam. I am so excited to know Bien Nguyen will be participating in Savour. I love his restaurant, Xu in Saigon. Read 15 things to do in Saigon
3) Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Oscietra Caviar by Gunther Hubrechsen -Gunther’s Singapore. Highly recommended by P in her Gunther’s review.
4) Wild Caught Langoustine by Julien Royer - Jaan Singapore.

There will also be cooking workshops and activities like latte art, wine tasting etc. and a gourmet market selling products that are not commonly found in Singapore.

I can’t wait to attend Savour. Do look forward to my post-event update!


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