[Recipe] Nasi Lemak Sandwich – Powered by Panasonic SD–P104 Bread Maker

This is the second out of three posts sponsored by Panasonic; we have and will be sharing our very own creations in these posts.
As an expression of love and gratitude towards our loved ones, we also attempted to serve these 3 dishes as a 3-course meal to our families.
Here’s for Main – Nasi Lemak Sandwich.

I love local food. If I have to pick 3 dishes to eat for the rest of my life- that would be hokkien mee, wanton mee and nasi lemak.

My love for local grub is heavily influenced by my dad who shared the very same passion (unfortunately mum is a health freak who loves her organic brown rice….. but we still love her very much :P ).

Dad was really excited when I told him about the nasi lemak sandwich idea and could not wait to lay his hands on the final product!

IngredientsSimple ingredients that would soon produce marvellous results

The key ingredients here to create the distinct nasi lemak flavour would be the nasi lemak concentrate (the white liquid in the cylinder) and the nasi lemak rice (We bought it from Hup Lee, one of our fave nasi lemak chains in Singapore).

Coconut Milk Mix 1

The nasi lemak concentrate is a reduction of coconut milk simmered with 3 ingredients – garlic, ginger and pandan leaves. This is the exact same formula to make nasi lemak rice. The ingredients are so simple and fuss-free…probaby the reason why there are hardly any pre-packed nasi lemak rice paste in the market.

Ingredients 2

The other 2 critical ingredients for the nasi lemak loaf are peanuts and ikan bilis. We crisp them in microwave for 2 mins before popping them into the dry ingredient compartment of the bread maker. We cannot emphasize enough how much we adore this unique feature of the Panasonic SD-P104 bread maker that allows yeast and ingredients to be added at a later stage after the dough is formed. That really helped create a fluffier loaf as compared to a traditional bread machine  (This is coming from someone who has another bread maker at home and could not figure out why all the bread turned out really dense in the past)!

Loaf 2

Loaf of nasi lemak Bread – The loaf was tightly packed with ingredients and was so fragrant that you could smell it from afar.  We recommend a thin spread of chili paste (vs. butter) to complement this rich and flavourful bread.

Recipe (1 loaf = 8 slices, 15mins of preparation, 4hours of baking)
Bakers flour – 230g 
Cooled Nasi Lemak rice – 110g 
Unsalted Butter – 10g
Granulated sugar – 24g
Salt- 5g
Instant Yeast – 2.1g
Roasted peanut- 20g
Roasted ikan bilis – 20g
Nasi Lemak concentrate – 160ml

To make the Nasi Lemak concentrate
Ginger – 50g
Garlic- 2 cloves
Pandan leaf- 2
Coconut milk- 250ml
Water- 50ml

1) Prepare nasi lemak concentrate by simmering ginger, garlic, pandan leaves, coconut milk and water for 6-8mins. Bring mixture down to 25 deg celsius (use ice bath).
2) Put flour, rice, butter, sugar and salt in the bread bucket and then pour nasi lemak concentrate into bread bucket – try to keep the liquid to the sides/border.
3) Put yeast into the yeast compartment
4) Put roasted peanuts and ikan bilis into dry ingredient compartment
5) Select menu ’6′, raisin ‘Yes’ and press start


As part of this series, P and I decided to share the love by serving our creations as a 3-course meal to our families. Nasi lemak sandwich would make a filling and satisfying main course. Similar to chap chye peng, one of the best things about nasi lemak is the flexibility of the choices of the accompanying ingredients. This versatility remains the same for the nasi lemak sandwich.

Plating 2

Nasi Lemak Sandwich – I love variety on my plate and hence, this is my open sandwich stacked high with a fried fish cutlet, fried luncheon meat, otah and a sunny side up.

On the other hand, Dad was feeling carnivorous so he topped his sandwich with 4 thick slides of luncheon meat and piled it higher with “what makes nasi lemak, nasi lemak” - chili, peanuts, ikan bilis and multiple slices of cucumber.

Nasi lemak makes a great communal dish because it simply allows you to “build” your plate in the way you want it to be. That is why we often cater DIY nasi lemak buffet packs from Qiji for our family gatherings. Next time, we shall simply bake a few loaves of nasi lemak bread and create our very own DIY nasi lemak sandwich!

Plating 1

Recipe (8 nasi lemak sandwiches, 10minutes to prepare)
Nasi Lemak loaf, from above recipe – 1 loaf sliced into 8 
Fried fish cutlet– 8 pieces
Fried luncheon meat- 8 pieces
Sunny side up- 8 eggs
Otah- 8 pieces
Roasted peanuts – 40g
Roasted ikan bilis- 40g
Cucumber, sliced thin- 40 slices
Nasi lemak chili paste - 8 tablespoons

Note: All ingredients are optional and depends on personal preference.
1) Assemble the ingredients (your own unique way) on the nasi lemak bread  

After we finished our unique nasi lemak meal, it’s now time to wash up.

Cleaning 1

Do you enjoy washing up after a meal? We certainly do not. :P This brings us to another wonderful feature of the bread maker. The machine is made up of a metal blade and a non-stick bread bucket. You can remove the blade easily when the machine cools down (around 20 minutes).

Cleaning 2Give the bread bucket a gentle wipe with a paper towel and you are all ready to make the your next loaf of goodness. Thumbs up :)

Photos captured using Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5
Bread moulded and baked by Panasonic SD–P104 Bread Machine. Read more about the machine here.

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  1. Azuki says:

    Hi Karyn,

    I have the same bread maker as yours. But my bread turn out low and dense. More like a kueh. I wonder it is because of the flour I use or is it because I remove the bread too rapidly from the machine. May I know what kind of flour do you use and what brand? I use prima bread flour.


  2. P says:

    Hi Azuki,

    We use bread flour too! So far we tried Bake King and Pillsbury brand flour – both works! I believe Prima Brand should not go too wrong either, hmm.

    Low and dense could be attributed to a few factors…what yeast do you use? what is the temperature of the water you use?


  3. Gid says:

    Hi Karyn, my bread came out low and dense too follow the manual. I used 5 deg C water, should I use room temperature water? Thanks!

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