Queues, Queues & Longer Queues

It is getting so difficult to avoid long queues for food in Singapore. :( See below for the three “infamous queues” in town recently.

Jollibee Singapore (Image by Sheere Ng, Makansutra) 

Jollibee is one of my favourite fast food restaurants and my “must go” whenever I visit The Philippines. I love the juicy beef steaks  and the multiple carbs options like rice and spaghetti.

Q – Would I join the snake queue?
A - NO. I satisfied my Jollibee craving in Manila very recently. Moreover, the “happy red bee” has big plans to expand in Singapore - I would wait till then.

photoTim Ho Wan, Singapore

My friends and I are fans of the cheapest one Michelin-starred dim sum. We would wake up early to join the queue at the Mongkok branch whenever we travel to Hong Kong,

Q – Would I join the snake queue?
A -
MAYBE. I’m very keen to get my hands on the BBQ Char Siew buns again. I guess I would queue (grumpily) when the CS buns craving strikes. :)   

Picture 067
Tsukada Nojo (Beauty Pot), Singapore

The house specialty, bijin nabe is known as the beauty pot. It is simply hotpot using a stock that is super rich in collagen. This Japanese franchise has won the hearts of many Singaporeans.

Q – Would I join the snake queue?
A –
YES! We joined the queue 30 minutes before the opening time and fortunately, we made it to the first seating. My friends who once missed the first seating had to wait for near to 2 hours before getting their “beauty” fix!

 Picture 086Picture 079

[LEFT] The chicken stock that was boiled and simmered for more than 8 hours. The taste was robust and flavourful – very similar to the chicken soup base in Marutama Ramen.
[RIGHT] The standard set for the hotpot. All the ingredients were exceptionally fresh.

I enjoyed the beauty pot (I have a thing for good chicken stock!) and would return despite the long queues. :)

Overall, I’m thrilled to see more and more overseas F&B establishments setting up shop in Singapore. We now have more options and ironically longer queues in our little country. :)

8 Responses to Queues, Queues & Longer Queues

  1. TheSpatulaQueen2012 says:

    Is Beauty Pot better than Marutama Ramen?

    • K says:

      Well, that’s a hard one. It’s comparable. :)

    • Bettie says:

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    • Andi says:

      What a pleasure to find someone who ideieifnts the issues so clearly

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  3. thechopsticknoob says:

    I’ve been avoiding queues by making reservations online at http://www.kaimen.asia
    Very easy to make reservations there!
    Like making reservations at Tsukada Nojo

  4. K says:

    Hi chopsticknoob,

    Thanks for the link. let me try it next time. :)


  5. HelloCHAYA says:

    I had this last week. Didn’t line up cause we made a reservation to sit at 6pm! Honestly, wasn’t that hungry but still liked the food and I definitely felt prettier! :)
    BTW, every time you visit, you get a business card which ranks you up starting from assistant manager. Anyone who becomes the Chairman first, make sure to change the portion of the vegetables… It wasn’t enough and if they had more on the plate, I would’ve felt younger too!

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