[Prague] An Unexpected Evening

As we usher in the long weekend, I got reminded of how much I am yearning to travel.
Gone are the days that I made use of each and every public holiday/business trip/school holiday to travel. These days, I am grounded by my obligations – obligations that I am glad to have the opportunity to fulfil.

So the best I can do is to do what I do best – REMINISCE :P
As I flipped through the albums of my 2013 travels….I came across pictures of a fun-filled team-building event in Prague -

 set up
EVENING COOK-OUT with Michelin-starred CHEF SEFKUCHAR ROMAN PAULUS. This was after a long day of meetings and we were told that an interesting night awaited us. Since the specified venue was the hotel ballroom, I thought to put on my best dress and footwear for the event. Alas! What a wrong move that was -__-

It was a night of progressive demonstration – Chef Roman would first demo a dish before we proceeded to do the same at our make-shift bench top. Afterwhich, we will consume the dish before moving to the next course – a total of 3 courses in all!

beef tar
CLASSIC BEEF CARPACCIO – making this dish was fun and easy….lots of hammering of the meat, super therapeutic!

CRISPY FRIED FILET of PIKEPERCH with GROATS RISOTTO – cooking barley risotto is definitely a first for me! Interesting but I prefer my arborio :)

COTTAGE CHESSE DUMPLINGS in CINNAMON BREADCRUMBS with STRAWBERRY SAUCE – Should have been quite a good dish except that my team mate mistakenly used salt instead of sugar for this dessert. (Dear K, I think you may actually like this dessert because of the cheese component :) )

And at the end of the night we all ‘graduated’, of course!

Being (fairly) fresh out of culinary school, this team building event definitely drew close to heart. The difference was that – I stood back, volunteered to do some unpopular Mise En Place (ie. chopping of onions and garlic) and opted to have lots of fun laughing at the antics of my colleagues.

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