[New Delhi] McDonald’s – McSpicy Paneer

I like how Mcdonald’s tries to localize their menu in various countries to suit the local taste buds. One of my favourite McDonald burger is the Sichuan burger I had in China. Thus, I’m keen to try the vegeterian burgers unique to India to see how they fare.

McSpicy Paneer Extra Value Meal – The traditional Indian cheese patty was crispy on the outside and tasted respectably spicy! This can’t replace the original chicken version but it’s an option that I won’t mind eating again. :)

P.S. It is interesting to know that McDonald’s does not serve curry sauce dip in India (Only mustard and bbq sauce).

2 Responses to [New Delhi] McDonald’s – McSpicy Paneer

  1. Jac says:

    They shld hv one in SG, so i can eat Mac!!!! =P

  2. K says:

    Yes! I can totally imagine you will like it. :)

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